Bernd Leno (19)


@Calum is right, from what I remember he always rated Ospina


Don’t mind Leno personally. Was solid today. Score could’ve been worse but he was reliable when needed.


Not that I’m blaming him for not saving the pens, but didn’t actually have a great record in Germany at saving them ?


It’s the Cech effect.


Passing accuracy:

(89.7%) Alisson
(62.5%) Leno



That long?


That situation shows the difference between us and Liverpool.
They had a GK that made a mistake and was cleared out straight away to replaced by a far better player.

If that was us, we would have kept him for several seasons, watch him keep repeating the same mistakes, and then bought someone who was at the same level.


They’ve had Mignolet in goal from 2013 before that so it was 5 years they had shit goakeepers before they got Alisson


Yeah, to suggest Liverpool rectified their keeping situation straight away is a massive leap


Klopp wasn’t there when they bought Mignolet.

To be fair. we haven’t bought a decent GK since we moved to the Emirates, unless you include Cech for his first season with us.


But he was still his number 1 gk untill they bought Allison. Karius came in at the second half of last season only


If Liverpool would have lost to Madrid by a couple of standard goals, be interesting to know if theyd have gone for another keeper.