Bernd Leno (19)


Leno has a mistake a game in him so at this point I’d take Ospina back over him and that’s saying something.


Fucking hell. The Leno meltdown really is in full flow after one bad game with one of the worst defenses we’ve had in years guarding him.


He’s been at fault for goals conceded vs Liverpool, Spurs, United and Southampton in recent weeks…


Its not really a meltdown in one respect imo, because a lot of people are just expressing the same opinion they held before the Southampton game. Its not knee jerk


I think he’s been culpable for a lot of goals we’ve conceded this season. And he’s arrived with a reputation for making mistakes and he’s basically carried that to Arsenal.

A lot of defenders say that part of the building of a strong defence starts from having a goalkeeper who you can have faith in. When our goalkeeper can’t deal with crosses, doesn’t know how to come off his line and has spilled a couple of basic shots too - it’s a worrying sign.

I still think that the raw potential is there but God this guy has been nothing short of a disaster at times.


Seriously harsh to judge him for the Liverpool goal as it took a nick of Holding which would throw most keepers, that’s like blaming De Gea for both Shaqri goals.

Yes he should done better at his near post for Dier’s but these things happen when the ball is whipped in with that much pace. Also I’d blame Kolasinac for the United goal more than anything.

The 3rd Saint’s goal was really the only lot of the bunch I actually got angry at him for. It seems as though Arsenal fans are just looking to blame Leno for every goal we concede at the moment which is fine, but lets not act like he didn’t come in and make us look much more confident with his assured footwork and solid shot stopping. Not to mention that was with Cech in goal who is five times the keeper Ospina is. Wanting to bring Ospina back is about as knee jerk is it gets in my book.


Maybe we shouldn’t allow so many crosses. :man_shrugging:


The one vs Spurs was from a free kick, kinda hard to prevent someone crossing from a free kick :smile:

I get the overall point though, that you have to look at the defence too when analysing these situations, that’s obviously a fair point.

But I think we could have a great defence and this guy would still be suss


Especially when Mustafi and sometimes Sok love to give fouls on the edge of the box. Replace Musafi with a defender with a brain and I think we’ll be ok.


I understand the defence is also garbage, hell i’ve been on record saying I hope the only that’s starting in 2 years time is Bellerin.


Who ironically, is probably the worst defensively of the lot.


No I agree. I hadn’t seen anything of him prior to us signing the guy but from day one it was obvious he is suspect at crosses and I have said that on here multiple times I think.

But the whole point is that if we insist on sticking with him and we know his weakness, it makes sense to work on not easily giving away exposure to it.


Fuck that, he is no better than the other dross at defending. His only worth is going forward but he is a shit, shit defender.


Ideally I’d like to see us get back to a back 4, but Emery seems to persist with the 3 atb as he doesn’t trust our players.

He had a long enough summer to get players in that he trusted and that don’t need babysat, a CB in January is an absolute must. I can’t see us replacing Leno or Bellerin anytime soon so the only way to shore up is to get a seriously impressive CB partnership on the go. I know people don’t like Sokratis but I think he’s more than capable, Koscienly and Mustafi are duds though.


You get away with one poor defender that has offensive weapons if the other 3 defenders and goalkeeper are sound. @Gladiator, or when Bellerin plays RWB in a 3-5-2.


Ok that’s way too far lol


I don’t think I agree with that statement.


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