Bernd Leno (19)


Good call. Lost track of him… where is he now?


Currently being groomed as Woj replacement.

virtually impossible going against Juve for Italian talent but I reckon we could have sold him the number 1 shirt and game time


Perin is probably the most talentet italian keeper atm, he had two major knee injuries that stopped his development, if he managea to stay healthy he will become Juve number 1 sooner rather than later, i dobt think we ever had the chance to sign him.


Sébastien Frey in January plz


Hatem Trabelsi to cover for the injured Bellerin


I’ll never forget a PES on the PS2 actually had him in the Arsenal squad for some reason :joy::joy:


Pretty sure it was PES2. The transfer seemed so nailed on that they tried to be cheeky and put him in our squad even though it hadn’t actually gone through at the time of release haha




I’m not going to Google him for you lol


why not? is your time too precious :bellerin: :henry2:


Don’t agree with the Szczesny part he needed a fresh start away from Wenger.


Haha, Would love it if someone said that to Mourinho after years of him spouting that about Wenger


He was right about Wenger, but eventually the eye of Sauron turns to every manager…


They only sack managers when CL qualification is unreachable so they don’t have to give them their full payoff. They done it with Moyes and LvG


Hmm interesting point


He may be right but you don’t advocate sacking of a fellow manager, ideally.

On top of it, Wenger’s losses was beneficial to him; so it didn’t make any sense.


100% agree - Mou is an awful colleague and person and my favorite person to hate in football… stands for so much I can’t stand.


I suppose we aren’t considered an elite club are we ? I don’t think we’d have sacked him by now.


Nope, a club that doesn’t do everything it can to win isn’t elite. We’re an elite brand.


Not that it would change our fortunes whatsoever and both have their flaws but I think Woj is a superior keeper to Leno.