Bernd Leno (19)


I’m not saying more couldn’t have been done, but I think a few keepers would have made the decisions he made and failed in the way he did on that last goal. That cross didn’t look like a nice one for a keeper to have to deal with.


Should have gone lafont… not impressed with this guy so far. Need a more commanding and assured presence back there, especially with our defense. Not writing him off completely yet, but signs aren’t good


Our defence is below average, but he’s nowhere good enough, he is not nor he will be a solution for number 1 if we want to challenge for the title in the upcoming years.


1 word: Vizekusen.


I still think that if the cheap route was the only option then Lafont should have been the one we went for. He’s not been perfect in his first season for Fiorentina, not gonna lie – he’s made some errors. But he’s also had some really good games, made a terrific save earlier today actually. And he’s only 19 so is still learning. I feel like his ceiling is higher than Leno’s.


Alison howler make us feel any better?




Not Gerry Peytons fault then for once.


Stick with Cech this year, bed Lafont in and invest in proper defender or wing… we’d be no worse off and possibly far superior


Not many great keepers out their nowadays tbh. De Gea and Lloris are really only good shot stoppers tbh.


Allison ?


Yeah odd mistake but worth the investment.


Meh, Jury is still way out Lafont. Plenty of tape to examine and no top club pounced at a really low cost.

Would indicate there’s alot of misplaced hype


This guy has been good for 90% of his minutes so far and has made some great saves imo, his shot stopping has been a lot better than I expected based on what I heard.

Do people really need to count him out just because he’s made a mistake today that wasn’t close to being solely his fault? Let’s not overdo this.


Dont see any real upgrade in bringing Cech back tbh. Had issues with him in the last few seasons.


Made a mistake vs Liverpool
Made a mistake vs Tottenham
Made a mistake vs Manchester United
Made a mistake vs Southampton



How often is he going to get blamed for things happening around him lmao

Is the “mistake” at United you’re referring to when he saved a free kick, pushed it wide down the line and absolutely no one else reacted and did anything, allowing them a free chance at crossing it back into our six yard box?

Or even today, Ozil gives the ball away and does nothing about winning it back, Kos and Nacho are totally asleep and they put a good cross in straight towards Austin. If he comes it’s hard to get, if he stays it’s a free header.

Leno hasn’t been perfect at all and there have been a few culpable moments but it’s really annoying me how people miss the obvious errors infront of him for these goals.

I almost expect the next time one of our players concedes a stupid penalty, Leno will get blamed for not saving it :arteta:


Maybe. But now we have another mediocre signing we will be stuck with and misspent more substantial funds. Hoping we’re wrong about Leno but yeeesh.


Tbh we dont have a good track record on keepers. Probably the worse of most top clubs in the last decade really.


agree. Perin was the one