Bernd Leno (19)


Way too harsh. You’re acting like he done what Pickford did. Leno was commanding today and helped us win.


It was a bad error and he may have that in his locker but people are very harsh on him tbh


Bad error for keeper means GA. Not the worst game overall, but for me that first goal was a shambles.


Still did nothing to impress me.


Almost spilled Rashford shot, doesn’t do well with the free kick, decides not to come out and collect the loose ball from Kolsinac, doesn’t come to collect corners in his 6 yard box.

The guy is a bit of a calamity.


Cech needs to come back in for a bit I think was playing very well before he got injured


That gk coach needs to do some heavy work on him imo


Good with his feet, but in regards to actual goalkeeping he’s no better than a mixed bag.


Ease pal… he had already shown you his worst… and we are still getting points and results…
Look good in future.


A bit meh about him. Needs improvement and I suppose age is on his side.


We’re still getting points etc because we have scored 34 goals in 15 games, really isn’t much to do with our defence or keeper.


it is easier to get improvement from something not so good than already good, got my meaning?

If Emery can tweak our defense a bit, and Leno be a bit more solid, we can be the true contender.


I sort of get your meaning, but not sure that improvement is any easier to get from something not so good, just that there’s more scope for said improvement.


I observed Leno for quite a period of time… yes, he has some flaws (like crossings), but those are not really game-losing shortcomings for me.
He had some bad moments, but in general the goals that we conceded were more on our shamble defense than keeper’s error.
Age is on his side, so I would give him more time to prove with a better defense.
Now, he is solid for me; and we don’t need to spend “more” to get a “better” keeper.


Yeh, gotta agree @ronniec my dood. Leno has made some slight fluffs you could say, but our defense definitely isn’t helping the guy out. Constantly committing brain dead fouls in dangerous areas, we are wide open for the most part at the back, and then you’ve got absolutely dumb shit like Mustafi sliding in the box for no reason and Sead bumbling the ball backwards towards goal ect.



How many mistakes can this fraud continue to make?


Cech has to come back




Unfortunately Leno is determined to prove me right that this was a shit signing! Serves us right. If you shop in Aldi then there is a higher chance of mouldy lettuce!