Bernd Leno (19)


Mental strength from him :wenger2:


I like him more and more each time he plays. He’s a keeper capable of making a big save at a crucial moment. Although Cech has rolled back the years somewhat this season, we haven’t had a player with that sort of match-saving ability since Lehmann imo. Hopefully Leno can get to that level. In terms of shot stopping, he’s demonstrated his class especially his one v one ability.

In a more general note, I will never write off a keeper quickly after De Gea - his start at United was marred with errors, particularly coming out for crosses but after a period of adaptation, has established himself as one of the best keepers in the world. Leno I think has done well since coming into the team, bodes well.


De Gea is probably the best out and out shot stopper in the world but his overall game is still flawed and those flaws are magnified when he plays for Spain.


He is also good with his feet.


He looks pretty decent and it’s going to be very difficult for Cech to get back i the first team.

Both Leno and Torriera were Emery’s biggest signings, so as long as he is is given the funds we might see him get a couple of decent defensive players in as well.

A top quality GK is essential for any top club and from what I’ve seen Leno has the potential to become just that.

After saying that, he’ll probably make an absolute howler in his next match :grinning:


Agreed but I do DDG’s form recently has been below par. Prior to that, his overall command / decision making was good if not best in class.

I’m not expecting Leno to reach those levels obviously but it takes a goalkeeper time to adapt and you usually don’t see the best of them until after the first season.


Overall, give him the time to prove himself.

So far so good. Even he may never reach Cech’s prime level, but getting another prime Cech at this moment is not realistic at all.
Leno is capable to be our number 1 for a long time.



Very interesting stats… shows Leno (and obviously Cech) to be pretty solid… what stands out is Leno’s handling of crossing - not surprisingly it isn’t great… I can easily recall several instances of not so great performance there.


Kepa has no stats for crossing and Etheridge has only stats for crossing.
Someone deduce something out of it


They’re fucking shite mate.


I got the same feeling watching him whilst Szczesny was here. Capable of reaching a very high level, but the inconsistency doesn’t really make it worth at the end of the day. Knowing that Cech and Leno were going to be our next keepers we might aswell kept Szczesny.


Apart from the first goal where he could have done more I thought he was excellent today.


Was his first derby, true he made a mistake but wasn’t decisive in the end.

Him and Holding both got away with it, still like him as our #1


I also thought he was good today. Not even mad for the goal, perhaps some keepers in the world might have saved it but it takes a sneaky deflection off of Dier’s ugly head and it is a bit of bad luck it bounces into the tiny pocket between him and the post etc. Also all the shit he does with the ball, like the chip over the press a couple of times, the shot stopping is good etc.


Tbh no one got away with one more today than Hector.


Him too but at least he didn’t give away an actual goal, Bellerin has hugely benefited from Emery also.


He makes saves that IMO Cech doesn’t. I feel safer with him than Cech.


His first mistake could have easily cost us the match, for me an error as poor as that one makes today’s game a poor one for him irrespective of what else he did.


You’re being extremely generous, lots of keepers would have kept that first goal out. I agree he’s a quality shotstopper but the first goal we conceded today he was largely at fault.