Bernd Leno (19)


If we purchased a 2M goalie, I probably will let Cech to start for one more season, and be patient on the other.

We just purchased a 20m+ goalie, German international, you don’t need to fucking wait and scare his confidence will be thrashed by City or crap like this.
Sounds like Leverkusen never thrashed by Bayern or BVB before and Leno has no experience on bad defeats.

If Leno is the future of the team, then start him now.
It makes zero sense to “wait”.
Cech has past it, he should be the 2nd fiddle.


Yeah I’d be incredibly concerned if we didn’t start with Leno. At this stage in his career Cech should really not be starting for Arsenal.


Think he will start alright.

Did Hamann on Eamon Dunphys podcast said he thinks he’s very good and will prove serious value in time. I’ve no idea if he watched him much mind.


What the point of buying Leno if we will still start Cech? He was a disaster last season and a big factor in our abysmal campaign.


That was old skinny bitch Cech.

Buff Cech could start, and I’m just scared of a Man city hammering killing whatever slim hopes there are of Leno rediscovering his old form.


If one or two Premier League games can dash all future hopes of him performing at his best then he had no business at this level to begin with.


Just don’t want him getting karioused tbh


Exactly. It would like admitting we signed the wrong player.


He needs to understand ASAP the realities of playing behind Mustafi and adjust accordingly so he should be playing ASAP.


Couple of obvious flaws there.

Two unfathomable howlers in the European Cup final is hardly comparable to getting outclassed by a great side in a Premier League game.

And in any case, Karius hasn’t actually had the chance to play competitively since that final to showcase however its affected his game so to just assume he’s toast is also a bit daft to me.


If Cech does start (which I’m against) I’m guessing the logic is that you want as much familiarity between the back 5 for a big match.


I pontificate that you’re taking my borderline jest too earnestly my good man

Tbh you guys are probably right I dunno I’ll be fine no matter what happens probably, we won’t lose because of the GK (now that I say that)


Oh shit my bad


Leno ain’t starting. Quote me


I think you’re going to be seriously bernd for this.


Sell him.


Great chat show host
Crap keeper


I’ll quote you


Have we really bought this guy not to start him? What’s the deal


We have bought him to start. But that does not mean he’ll start immediately.

Quote me.