Berkay Özcan

Born: 15th February 1998, Karlsruhe, Germany
Position: Midfielder
Current Team: VfB Stuttgart

Heard his name pop up a few months back I think, new quotes maybe pointing to a possible Winter transfer?

Wenger thinking if he signs a midfielder that name begins with Öz he’ll have replaced Özil without us knowing?

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Ozil and Can rolled into one.


he looks like a smaller built Saed Kolisnac!

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Born: 15th February 1998, Karlsruhe, Germany

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Ozil’s replacement :ozil2:

would he be for the 1st team?

Would be one for the future. I don’t think he has even established himself as a Stuttgart first team player since they got promotion back to Bundesliga.

Is that a line in the middle of his head?