Benjamin White (4)

Nahh man… You aint fooling no one. You nicknamed him Ben Shite for months and drove the Anti Ben White agenda big time.

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Awful at CB


What the fuck is the Anti Ben White Agenda? :joy:

It was founded in August 2021 by Midfield_Goebbels

That’s not even close to being an answer to my question :grinning:

I feel like that was kroenkeoutplease, the fact that it’s a terrible nickname should be evidence enough


As equal as your hate for Big Gabi, to be fair though geezer.

Big Gabs? Always rated him

My MOTM, such a threat going forward and kept Everton quite from his side.

Those diagonal balls from him to the left winger btw are cash money
Always perfectly timed and weighed.

Love this guy. :white:


Just a very 8/10 player every match

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Arteta should have never tinkered with the Saka/White partnership.

I think he could be the most underrated player in the PL. I just love his consistency and just gets on with it. No one mentions how much we paid for him which just says it all.

What a player!


Very good yesterday. Hope the rumours of a contract extension are real. Valuable asset.

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Ben White, Gabriel and Saliba have got to be the best CBs we’ve had as a collective in over 20 years surely.

Now if they could only replicate this behaviour at home…


Don’t forget Tomiyasu.

ahh I thought he was a traditional LB?


Great work with the contracts from the club. Locking up the key guys nice and early.

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