Benjamin Mendy

A little random & bit of a pipe dream but I’d love it if Mendy was Nacho’s long term replacement, he’s arguably one of the best left backs in Europe atm along with the like of Filipe Luis, David Alaba, Danny Rose and of course Alex Sandro.

There’s a serious lack of highlights floating about right now hence :point_up_2:

I don’t watch much spuds games because fuck spurs! and all that. Has he really improved that much?

As if Danny rose is the best left back in Europe Lol

Yeah, I hate to say but I think Pochettino’s moulded Danny Rose into the best left back in the league.

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Where you getting that from ? Alex Sandro’s the best full back in Europe.

Mendy and Sidibe were class last night v City. Would be very happy with this!

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Danny Rose one of the best LBs in Europe? In absolutely no world.


Danny Rose is helped massively because of the Poch system, that and the fact teams rarely look to expose Spuds’ fullbacks even when they’re forward the majority of the time. He’s not great 1 v 1 and would look all at sea in a different team.

Mendy looks class though, definitely need to identify a Monreal replacement. He’s lost a step or two for sure.

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Exactly @Darkseid

Spurs players are a product of massive media hype because they have a British core to them.

Spurs fans and the media will have you believe they have the some of the best goalkeeper, full backs, number 10 and striker in Europe coupled with the best CB in the PL.

Yet they won’t win anything again and again and again and will continue to play second fiddle to bigger clubs.

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To be fair that can be said for quite a few players but I do agree tho that said I think it’s a testament to Rose’s ability that Poch switches to a flat back 4 more often than not when Danny Rose is out.

Really? I’m not even sure if you mean attacking wise or defensively but imo he’s solid going either way.

Might just be me overrating Rose but I think he’d look just as good as he does now if he was playing under the likes of Pep at City or Jardim at Monaco who both look to exploit their fullbacks as much as Pochettino does.

Hate to say it but Rose is pretty ducking good. He has improved dramatically over the past 18 months and looks to be the best LB in the league at the moment. Quality at both defending and going forward and has unrivalled stamina to match.

Granted the system works for him and dick nose Walker, but without them the system looks unbalanced especially when you see the likes of Ben Davies trying to do Rose’s job.


When he played in the Euro’s that’s Rose out of his element, he plays well for Spuds but he’s not a great LB IMO.

When Davies plays he gets caught out because he doesn’t have the athleticism, to excel in Poch’s system you have to be able to get up and down the pitch very well. In the last game Davies played he was getting smoked because he lacks pace.

I’m taking Bertrand over Rose any day, Walker is a the better FB and actually very good can’t contest that.

@Titou14: I meant 1 on 1 defensively.

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I hope he will be next Arsenal LB, better than everyone:

Is he still a Man City footballer? Have they not cancelled his contract?

Legally speaking they likely have no grounds to cancel. At the moment he’s charged, not convicted.

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