Battlefield 1 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)


Daily. But I’m a PC player :santi:

Was a tough choice. Might get it on PS4 at some point, as I think it could be fun playing with some OA’ers.


Ah man. That would explain why Ive not seen you on there.

@rednwhitearmy the jump BF1 has made is quite big to be fair whilst CoD has remained the same or got worse.


you guys are seriously making me want to buy this game right now, only I don’t have the time!! :sleepy:


What’s your origin? I’m on PC too.


They feel strange to compare on a gameplay level because the actual game speed, tactics and tempo of each series is totally different.


Loved the previous Battlefields but haven’t delved into this one yet largely due to not putting enough time into gaming recently but somehow find the time for a bit of Diablo III. Might finally take the plunge, it looks stunning.