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Has to be mate, 25 up at home to the Lakers minus Davis.

Writing on the wall for Chauncey now.

@BigWeng_4LYFE I know you must have been steaming lol

Disgusting officiating, I’m not a lakers fan but I didn’t watch OT after that, I can’t stand games being decided by officials as opposed to the players.

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Just when you thought the Nets got their shit together.


Interesting move from Kai. I assume this is tied to his desire for a max contract.

Question is would have stand a better chance of getting it competing with the nets on a deep playoff run compared to tanking his trade value

Are the Lakers dumb enough to trade for him

That’s crazy given how well the Nets (and Kyrie) had been playing, but this is Kyrie. He has to be in the headlines

How can the Nets get any sort of value for Kyrie given the fact he’s soon to be a free agent and will likely go to the Lakers

Strange move as the Nets looking pretty good when fully healthy.

KD has got to request a trade too. They could then potentially get traded together and whichever teams trades for both will know Kyrie will be gone in a few months.

Suns, Raptors, Pelicans have to be picking up the phone

Lebron has all advantage on the calls for his whole career (fake foul, travelling) and now just one blown call and he complains like hell?

Fuck him. Talk about biased call, I believe there are hundreds of players lining up to complain him.

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Had the below in my drafts lol

With no significant knowledge of the situation, I think the Nets have got to trade Kyrie away. The likelihood that he refuses to play after the trade deadline is high and that’s not chance I’d be willing to take.

I thought it would have been for Christian Woods, Finney Smith, THJ…lol

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Good trade for the Mavs,

I’m surprise Cuban would go for someone like Kyrie and pay him a LTD. Maybe he’s feeling to pressure to deliver for Luka


Prefer the trade from the Nets side.

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Yeah long term its a better deal for the Nets for sure.

Short term I’m not sure what else the Mavs could do to get this team over the hump, there’s plenty of question marks on and off the court now. Will there be a conflict over ball handling with luka? Will kyrie be happy as a no 2, do they pay Kyrie now or wait to the off season ?

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Nets title hopes this season are now over.

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I really don’t see how this is good for the Nets or Irving. The only reason I see for this is that they will have some picks back after giving all those away again. Not being empty handed in the off season if Irving leaves for nothing. But Dallas are going to be good…so what are those picks going to be worth?

The Nets basically had closed the gap with Boston before the injury too.

The fit with Dallas is not going to be deal either. But at least this resemble what they had with Doncic and Brunson (always a creator on the floor) and what got them too 52 wins and the conference finals. But to say it’s a title winning team…

Never thought it was mostly Nash’s fault
It is always fucking Irving

Send those picks over to the Raptors + a couple of players and try and get OG and VanVleet

EDIT: :kissing_closed_eyes::dash:

No way Raps give up OG for a couple of shitty picks lol OG is probs one of the most valuable non superstar guys in the league right now. 3 and d guys are already at a premium and he is the premium version of that. Surely if Gobert fetches 5FRP or swaps then OG is worth that or more

LeBron breaks the all time scoring record.