Basel v Arsenal (Champions League)


  • Arsenal must better Paris’ result against Ludogorets to progress as Group A winners
  • Basel need to finish ahead of Ludogorets on points or will come fourth
  • Arsenal’s Mohamed Elneny and Granit Xhaka could face one of their former clubs
  • Basel
  • Draw
  • Arsenal

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Start perez please, see how he performs against European competition


Unlike the match at West Ham, I have a feeling I’m not going to regret missing this one.

Basel lost their first league match of the season at the weekend against those pesky Young Boys


Yeah this will probably be more like Southampton than West Ham, but I’ll still tune in and hope for the best.

If Wenger is going to sack it off, might as well give Perez and the like a run out and game time.


I don’t know if Wenger will “sack it off”. After the criticism he’s had in the past about fielding weaker teams in CL matches would he risk it when we still have a chance of finishing top? Albeit a very slim one.




When has he ever given a shit about criticism?


Ha, good point


Is this true? I thought that they have to drop points against Ludogorets.


Let’s give it a go and see what happens.


Correct. They need to drop points and we then need to better their result in order to finish above them.



Second team all the way. We should win with this team, and I’d like to keep our important guys fresh for the league… Shits getting real.


I really hope we play a reserve team but I wouldn’t put it past Wenger to throw Ozil or Sanchez out there.

We have a really big stretch coming up with Stoke, @Everton, @City within about a week of each other. We need our best players fully fit and very rested going into that sequence.

One decent idea is to have both Ozil and Sanchez on the bench. If at halftime it looks like Ludogorets has some chance to pull a real upset and get something in Paris and we aren’t in command of our own match, then you put them on in the second half. If not, you just let the reserve squad see out the match.


If PSG drop points and we don’t win because we fielded a weakened side, there would be howling from fans, many of the same fans in fact who are currently clamouring for a reserve team to be put out.

Our downfall so many times has been not taking group games seriously. Ridiculous to demand that we now do that IMO.


Wenger said we have basically the same team except for Coq being replaced by Giroud. Glad to see our plan B back and I guess Coq is just being rested.


He said we’re gonna play 442 or that giroud is gonna play DM?


Our top players will want to play, CL goals look good on the CV.


Same 25, man team roster or whatever. Not the starting xi.


The way things are looking there isn’t really a massive difference between finishing 1st and 2nd in terms of last 16 opponents. It’s going to be a tough draw regardless so we might as well manage to get a result with a lesser 11 and keep our league momentum up by keeping key player fresh.

Playing Ozil/Sanchez would be poor management, if I was in charge they wouldn’t have even traveled tbh. I don’t really buy this idea @Castiel that our top players are clamouring to play either just because it the CL.

I think Ozil or Alexis prefer to feature in the big occcssions, i doubt they’ll be pissed if they missed a dead rubber CL group match tbh. If anything leaving them out reinforces their value and importance to the team’s chances of actually winning things


Yeh who would want to play in the highest platform in competitive football. It’s the disgusting group stages after all.