Who’s looking forward to earning lots of badges on here? I make it sound like some sort of Pokemon battle, ironic seeing as I’m Mysty :gunnersaurus:

To learn more about what badges you can earn on here, check this link out.

You’ll get to see who has earned what so far.

I’ve also taken the time to hand out everyone ‘anniversary’ badges, to make up for losing our original join dates, as a way of informing members of how long they’ve been part of OA, and as a small reward for your time spent on here :+1:




Hey Mysty - can I have my badge pwetty please! I have changed my username; and I’m on 3 years now :slight_smile:


Done! I must admit I saw the username and I had no idea who you were, so was waiting to see you post to confirm who you were. So you can have your bronze badge :slight_smile:


With the old site now gone, I no longer have a reference to when members signed up. So if you’ve just joined and you’ve not received an anniversary badge from me, but you remember roughy when you joined, let me know and I’ll sort one out for you.


It felt nice logging in and getting a silver anniversary badge.


You’re welcome :+1:

All the badges came built in with the software, but the Bronze, Silver and Gold anniversary badges I created myself. Down the line we’ll probably introduce a few other custom made ones for fun :slight_smile: Some really nice badges to earn on here.




We just keep on racking up the badges. Soon we’ll be getting our own cheerleaders.


After a few months, thought I’d ask out of interest, if members like the badge system on here? I assume so anyways.

Just made some new badges to earn. Now you will earn a ‘Bronzed’, Silver Lining and ‘Golden’ like badge, when you reach 1000, 5000 and 10,000 total likes received for each one.

A few members have already reached the 1,000 mark, so I will hand some out :smiley:

There’s no way of me being able to link the coding up to do it automatically, so if you reach any of these landmarks and you haven’t been given one, tag me, and I will hand them out to you :+1:

If you have a suggestion of a badge you’d like to see, it great to hear them.


I like the badges!


Is there a banhammer badge?


Have you banned someone yet?


Surprisingly no.

I did test the function out on @Persona though so we can be sure it works :smile:




@Luca_from_Italy with an Özil esque assist :ozil:



I’d like to thank @Luca_from_Italy for making this happen. :joy:


The reality is you’re on 4,000, without your Lucabot helping you to all those likes :gunnersaurus:

It’s insane to think he’s contributed to 1/5 of your total in under a YEAR :sweat_smile: Enjoy your badge sir.


Just got my “silver lining” badge, two weeks after you @Calum

I like to think that without Lucabot I’d be ahead of you, but the I have no idea how many of my likes he’s responsible for :smile:


If you go to your summary page in your profile, you’ll see under the “Most Liked By” section, Luca has given you 203 likes. Compare that to Calum, where Luca’s given him nearly 1,200 :joy:

What’s also unusual is Luca is at the top for quite a lot of peoples lists, mine included, where for you Jake, he’s only 4th. Seems @Cristo is your most frequent liker of your posts :smiley: