Aymen Barkok

Rumours are that we are in for this guy (19) looks like a player with potential


always good to sign youngsters

Yup, will more than likely be for the academy after all we have let a few players go…looks (if we do go after him) a special talent for the future

There’s an @AbouCuellar pun on the horizon, I feels it.


he would be barkok ing up the wrong tree


Deadly dribbling.

We have a weiner.

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Place of birth Frankfurt, Germany


Surprise surprise! Bloody fake german :mustafi:

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aymen we do

I’m praying this deal happens.

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When you meet that 10 inches uncut stud youve been looking for down at the pub. Aymen Barkok!



Ay, men bark ok, but how does he bite?

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As is always the case with players who like to dribble and have good close control, the only thing that matters is consistency. Can they do what that video shows them doing, consistently or do they pull off those excellent runs and dribbles once every 5 or 6 times? If it’s the latter, then while they will make the highlights reel, they will be immensely frustrating to watch and play with.

Anyone here heard of him before and/or have been watching him play?

I wouldn’t exactly say you’re Barkoking up the wrong tree here.


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He is a super talent!

I copywrighted barkoking

He looks effervescent (like barocca) :expressionless:

Fuck, I just saw your post. What a downer, I was so pleased with the shitness/originality of my pun. :slightly_frowning_face: