Just watched Elliott Kipchoge break two hours for a marathon distance attempt. Pace makers and purpose built course but still amazing to watch.
1 59 40 LEGEND.


Lad I know runs regularly 14 30 in parkrun each week.(5k)
That’s really decent club running and he does AAA races.
Put this into perspective this guy just done that for 42k.


Not to knock the achievement but this does have a big factor though. Reduces wind resistance by 50-70% apparently and mentally makes it much easier for the runner to stay on pace. Having a flat course is obviously helpful


No doubt the caveats do and should apply but most people would struggle to do on a bike what this guy just done with his legs* under the same conditions. Phenomenonal.

*and probably some PEDs.


Your not wrong but think it’s only the equivalent of most distance records on the track.
Don’t see it being set up again now. Think it was the lure of the sub two hours that was the interest level. World record 2 01 now anyway.

Ofcourse absolutely insane level of performance from all the runners in that bracket tbh. Primarily down to the the genetics for distance running, with long leg to torso ratio, high red twitch, lungs that are aclimitised and survived to be effective high altitudes…all probably rate over the PEDs which allow the levels of training and boost needed to keep pushing the records forward.

It’s a bit different when they’re running as relays around him until the end, where as on track you’ll only be paced for the first 50-70% of the run typically

It was actually seen as controversial when Seb Coe started using pacemakers to set records in the late 70s and when Kip Keino’s Kenyan teammate paced him to win gold in 1968 he supposedly apologised to the silver medalist, Jim Ryun

Do the same pace makers run with the runner throughout?

Woulda been funny for one of them to tear off in the final 100m and get the record lol

No they were relaying it.

Brigid Kosgei just smashed Paula Radcliffe world marathon record 2 14 05 in Chicago.
Record lasted 16 years.

I heard it said that top male marathoners didn’t like training at Paula’s camps because she went to the limit way more often than they were comfortable doing.

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I could believe that too. Never the most graceful runner but a pure machine. That counting to 300 seconds a mile in her head. Purely driven that.