Arthur Melo

Arshavin wasn’t a loan

Gotcha, I didn’t realize it was just loans.

I can’t believe our greatest ever loan player wasn’t added to the poll

We actually need this signing to be done in time for him to play vs Spurs, what a nightmare situation.



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No way we sign him in time for the NLD then. Fuck.

Come on, let’s wrap this up.

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Well he’s not going to be loaned in time for the NLD. Apparently paperwork needs to have been filed by 12.00 today.

Unless we can get some kind of special dispensation citing Covid and/or injuries that allows us to register him later.

Highly likely he arrives next week, and maybe longer than that.

Who knows how long it will take for Juve to sign their replacement as well. I imagine it takes a lot of time for them to pull together the proposal for a 4 year loan with an option to loan spreading payments across a 10 year period


Even if he signs today he’s never going to integrate into the team in a couple of days


Though not specifically stated by @Flexo, I think the poll was about January loan signings, Benayoun was a full season loan.

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Has everyone forgotten about King Henry?
He was the loan signing which should have been in the poll



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Yes, I absolutely had. I was trying to work out who you meant, and before I saw Josh’s post my first thought was Benayoun too, before twigging he was a full season loan.

I was hoping you’d tell us who you meant. Feel silly now I know the answer.

Haha I completely forgot to give the answer

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Doesn’t look promising

I think he has been told by Juve that bringing a replacement for Arthur is not likely. Ramsey is the one he desperately wants to bin

Arthur Smello coming on loan looks like just another pipe dream same as the one for the Florence forward.

Gonna struggle to kick on to fourth without more squad depth on the run in.

When mr penalty and red card merchant Xhaka is in your best two centre mids you know you’re in the poop.