Art / Drawing / Painting

I couldn’t find a thread about this, but wondered if there are any folks on OA who enjoy sketching, drawing, painting and the like.

I used to love drawing things when I was younger. Recently, an old mate reminded me of a Dragonball Z sketch I did years ago. I found myself at a loose end and decided I’d give it another go.

I basically copied this from a picture I found on the web, not the most creative obviously but it was really therapeutic to put my version on paper. Not finished either as all the shading is missing but I find myself wanting to draw something new now.

Would love to see other people’s work, would be cool to get inspiration for things to draw, or new techniques etc.


That’s superb sol!

Nah I was shit at art in school :joy:

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I’ll take one Bunny Bulma please


I wish I could offer something in this thread, but I only now 1 thing to draw and I think everyone know what it is.


That takes me back some as there was a group in my high school that would always do similar drawings. Was around the time DragonballZ was just catching on over here.

This style of car+big wheel combo was another popular one these guys would draw.

As for me, I was sadly pretty shit at art :grin:


My art teacher told me in year 9 that if I tried to pick art for GCSE she’d do everything in her power to have me refused lol.

I was so shit at it I can’t help but admire good art work. Looks crazy @Sol


Not into drawing but it’s great to find hobbies or some outlets to unwind and to interest you. Really good for mental health.

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I used to like art when was at school so recently, when my daughter asked me how to draw an eye, I wasn’t sure.
Then I went on YouTube to see how to do it and I drew this.
I found it quite relaxing.


Did this around 20 years ago never finished it !?


I used to do a lot of oil paintings. Did this many years ago, not long before a night out with a friend when I went a bit exuberant and severed my ear off. :ear:


Still find it weird calling myself a 3D “artist” seeing as I can’t draw or paint for shit. Think we can agree that my guitar is fucking sexy though


So sad and perverse that he lived in poverty and killed himself in order not to be a burden to his brother’s new nuclear family when his paintings sell for an absolute fortune in modern times. I think loads of his paintings were just burnt too as they thought they were worthless.

Jealous of you creative type people, I was a bonafide stick figure operator.

The other half is very good at Art, I’m an absolute hack.

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Some awesome work there chaps. I find it really hard to paint, my brush strokes are just always too heavy, and I never have the patience to mix paints to get the perfect colour. Rate you @MO_OA49 for having the skills to create something like that.

That’s a fantastic eye sketch @InvincibleDB10. I also find it immensely difficult to draw faces without them all looking like fucking neanderthals with fucked up noses lol.

There’s so many tutorials and whatnot available online - next time I have an hour or so to spare, going to try and work on my facial sketching. Really think that is the most difficult thing to get right


@Sol can you please do me a drawing of Lola The Bunny but with some fat tiddies and thicc thighs unlike her depiction in the new soy Space Jam?


@JakeyBoy asking the real questions here, my man knows what’s up

All about dem sexy bunny bitches

Not sure where to put this, but this is awesome. Pixel art.