Arsène Wenger


David Squires is always good, but this is one of his best for sure!

“Stoke LOL”


Didn’t even notice the ship said that hahaha



I have one of his books, The Illustrated History of Football which is very good.


Big Wenga’s ultimate speech. Gonna miss him so much. What a man!


We might need a thread name change soon lads. Sir Arsene Wenger

Bit much IMO but fair play if he gets it


He has revolutionized english football, tbh. Even Neville has admitted Manure had to adapt to a new style.


I thought a true patriotic red white and blue Briton like @Calum would know that foreigners aren’t Sirs.


Yeah. Not a real one just an honorary don’t really see the point tbh


He should be given an honorary knighthood
Ferguson got one for breaking the transfer record twice , three times in a season , so should Wenger .
Wenger deserves all the honours . Regardless of our recent seasons, Wenger is a true gentleman .


Still can’t believe they debated his legacy in Parliament today. Not as if there are other things they could be getting on with…


I’m just staying silent.


Oh well, that’s something else for Vieira to use to distance himself away from being a gooner


Why is it that shocking for them to debate that? Not the first time they’ve either debated or tributed sporting matters in parliament.


I think he would rather win another league or a European trophy. Knighthood only Beckham would get mad about not getting one.


Don’t see the point in the real ones either :slight_smile:


What’s that based on?


A series of emails between him and his agent (I think agent) got leaked, he expressed some sort of annoyance at not getting one when someone else did. I’m sketchy on the details tbh but I remember something like that a couple years ago


Thanks does ring a bell now. :joy:


Apparently he was due a knighthood a few years ago but because of his tax avoidance case he didn’t get it. He appeared fine and gracious in public about it but then some leaked e-mails shown he was absolutely livid.


Doesn’t seem all that impressive when you see how many people were there to hear it. :giroud3: