Arsène Wenger


Or maybe you could stop being so super sensitive and trying to dictate and manage how other human beings act.


No fuck off


Why does anybody have to ignore this thread? People can post whatever they please to if they feel it’s something they want to share, discuss, debate or whatever.

Don’t dictate wha people can and can’t do on a public forum.


Just effing ignore their posts. Simple.


Yes mate great minds interpret alike :crazy_face:


This debate made me think of Kobe Bryant’s last season in the NBA, when they had a tribute for him in each away game,i wonder what it was like in a Lakers forum during that one.


You don’t need to wonder my friend, it’s the internet.

I’ll give you a free pass on one racist comment if you go and find out for us.


Yeah even bunch of retards can I see.


Is that open to everyone?




Does this go for all football before globalisation by the way. Genuinely interested you see were this leaves Puskas, Pele,Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Maradonna etc before this time.


They were all shit.


Football and Arsenal are dead for you arent they mate. You dont know were to turn too. Hope you find an outlet because your not a bad bloke tbf.


Lol man Laker fans are die hard Kobe, go and read Lakers fans reactions about Lebron now being designated as the goat. They’ll go to their graves “staning”(? Lol) Kobe.


Awww, I was obviously not or never serious.
Just butthurt at disrespect shown towards Wenger.


It’s amusing to me that you go on about people being too sensitive all the time, but when it comes to Wenger you are the kind of massive snowflake you claim to hate.


Yeah well fuck Wenger haters.

If i could, I would burn y’all


Yeah, but, uh, can you meme, bro?


Oh yes My Kolasinac memes actually got nominated last year on OA.
Suck on that bitch