Arsène Wenger


Are they your own pics? :slight_smile:


Haha no. I don’t really go to many away games. Took them from a journalist on Twitter.


Should have been giving away his europa league winners medal rather than his tie

The inital annocment took all my good will towards his departure


Wonderful :sob:


Roma :clap:

Meanwhile, Neville…


Just wants to pile more pressure on our club. Think we should make a judgement after the new manager has been announced.


I’m going to miss the big fella


So, just to clarify, who is our current manager? Steve Bould? :laughing:


Neville is an idiot. Wonder if he complains about Chelsea who haven’t even sacked Conte yet.

Fucking holier than thou cunt going on about how we should be happy with Wenger last year.



As if Gary Neville has any idea how our manager search is going.


Neville wanted Wenger to stay so he could still make a mockery of us.


On the influence that African players have had on his time at Arsenal

In my whole life I had African players. I opened a school in Africa with one of my friends. People like Yaya and Kolo Toure, Eboue and Gervinho came out from this school.

I had George Weah at a young age, Lauren from Cameroon. I had all these African players in my team, they made a huge contribution.


Left us in a mess here. Had the adulation when it was deserved. Just let us try to move on please.


Will be strange not seeing this thread at the top of OA’s index soon.


It’ll be there when he goes to another club and people here’s keep an eye on his results!


When he’s lifting the CL trophy and Neymar is saying what a father figure he is, we’ll be talking about it.


Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m almost there


Such a great video. Gonna miss big Wenga :sob:


Ffs move on people. Had a month of this now.