Arsène Wenger


If anyone is no longer interested in Wenger please avail yourself of the mute option on the thread.

There’s a button called tracking, click it then select muted. Sorted.


We usually close threads when players go. So you know. . .


They don’t close, they just get taken out of the players section!


Yea this thread isn’t going anywhere. Ever.


Coutinho taking responsibility.


I’m sad as fk now, he’s a great man old Wenger. After everything we’ve been through, positive memories definitely dominate. Best wishes to him, I’ll always love him for what he did with us.


You know Wenger will be our Hiddink or Heynckes. He’ll be stepping in once the next guy is fired, probably win a few games and get himself a two year deal.




Okay fair enough. I will just keep criticising in here then.


Such a bellend.


Think that was my point but didnt want to disrespect Wenger that way.


It amazes me that someone who has failed at management can have a job telling people how to manage.


And what better time for you to say this - on the day of his final game as manager. You look an absolute twat mate have a word.


Oh man lovely video that


Honest twat though.


To have any ill will towards the tributes given to a sporting legend on the day of his final appearance is just bloody miserable mate.

You don’t like him or the adulation fair play. But projecting your disrespect on a day which means a fair bit to the club and a large portion of fans is a dick move.

No one except the ‘I’m edgy over the internet’ crowd on here needed to see that shit.


And there are fans like me who want to reel in as much romanticism from his departure as possible so it bothers when hipsters wanna throw in their rebel comments to wave their dick around.

He is gone, season is over, you don’t have to enter the thread anymore.


That YouTube video on Wenger is really good tbh.



@Stroller please feel free to continue giving your opinion as and when you please, not everyone thinks you’re a scumbag for expressing long held sentiments on one particular, forbidden day