Arsène Wenger


you dont buy new players when existing ones get injured, that’s why you have depth.

Not convinced Bill actually watches us.+


Lemar was done ages ago after Monaco said “no” more than once, but i still hold out hope for Seri, what with Nice’s start in the league and after Napoli turn them over this week. Still a possibility

Will be a slightly underwhelming summer if it’s to be just Lacazette and Kolasinaç


Seri is a no go, he has chilblains.

Unless Newcastle and some others do us a favour and pick up our deadwood we are 100% DONE.


After a summer of lies, the potential for Wenger not signing a contract, the potential for some significant backroom shake up, the potential for a big restructuring of the top level of the club, the potential for having a big spend on serious players, the potential for a clearout of turds, the potential for our big players being offered nearly £300k a week to stay, I’m not sure if I believe any of it was real now.

Hope I’m wrong and we make a significant move later in the window and convince at least Ozil to sign but right now it feels like same old Arsenal and same old Wenger and we know where that ends up.


I assume you mean it ends up with us winning most of our games? Not to shabby really is it?


If there’s title at the end then it’s not really shabby at all.


You’re not even saying top four. The thing that was always thrown in the faces of people who wanted Wenger gone, because you know there is a genuine possibility we won’t make top four.


A trophy of some kind can be expected at he very least

If you were to ask any football fan would they enjoy the fact their team wins the majority of matches they watch them play do you think they would take it?


The standard is being lowered again I see. Title > top four > winning the majority of matches.


So your comparing us to every club in England to make us sound better ? Is that the new tactic to be employed ? :joy::joy::eyes:


does winning most of your games not kinda coincide with winning trophys and/or finishing in the top 4? Like do you not have to do one to achieve the other?

Going by arsenals record the arnswer to that is yes, last season being an abnormality, although we did still have a trophy to show for it at the end of the season as well as winning the large proportion of football matches we were involved in


Why just England? Give that choice to any football fan in the world and they would be happy with it

If the team you support wins most of the matches you take the time out of your day watch that should please you


How’s this for a question, with the resources that Arsenal have, do you think only having 2 seasons in the last 13 where we have been within single figure points of the Champions is good enough ?


Kaner has a valid point but I think it’s distinct from expectations.


Well do you not have to take into account the resources of the teams we are in direct computing with?


We won most of our games to last season. A trophy/top four is not a given when you win the majorty of the games. We were 5th.

It’s yet to be proven that last season was an abnormality and that Liverpool and Spurs haven’t caught up with Arsenal for the long term.


Yeah you can take that into account, but do you still think being nowhere near the Title in 11 of the last 13 seasons is good enough ?


Good enough for what? To earn my support? That dosent need earning mate its unconditional


Lol mate I support the club unconditionally as well watching games at all hours that’s not what I’m
asking, I’d still support the club if we were in the uni bond league ( if that still exists )


What do you mean by is it good enough then?

I’ll assume for a minute your gonna base it on our resources and funnily enough the only teams that regularly do better than us have more resources, so using resources as a measure then yet it is good enough, We don’t achieve less than teams with less resources