Arsène Wenger


Haha. Stand by it.

Look forward to being that smug guy in May.


I don’t think it’s nuts because Kosh is in the wrong side of the 30 and we don’t know how serious his injuries are and Per is retiring at the end of the season. Holding is still a kid. Monreal and Kolasinac are also not CBs.

We need to be looking for Kos replacement really and truly.


We do have an idea how serious his injuries are. Koscielny has said he gets daily physio on his Achilles now and expects to do so for the rest of his career.

Anyone who’s had even milder Achilles issues will sympathise, he’s clearly not going to be playing 30+ games for us again. I’m already classing him as a luxury option, to play whenever we can get him in the team.

So yeah I’d love to get van Dijk


Did not realise Kos was so serious

so why are we not in for a top class CB?

Oh, that’s right. Wenger


We certainly have bigger priorities to spend money on than on a center back, especially given the price of a player like VVD who seems to be the fan’s favorite target.


Ah shit! Besides his ban, Kos suffers from that cronic injury. Totally forgot about it.


given we shipped 3 at home to Leicester I would make defence a big priority, scoring goals won’t be a problem

but getting ripped apart at the back will be and will cost us lots of points


That was mostly a problem of availability though. Once we get 1-2 of our usual CB starters back we’ll be in a much better position. I’d be more worried if it actually was Koscielny and Mustafi conceding 3 goals against Leicester and even then it was just one game.


I really don’t rate Mustafi or Gabrial, Per is good sometimes but is old and had lots of off time

what better time to prepare for the future than now?

buy a bloody top class long term Koscielny replacement now - seems sensible


He is the same who has showed to have a plan B, tactically and not. Arsène Wenger has been the MOTM yesterday: the confirmation of one of his most expensive players bought (Granit Xhaka), Lacazette & Kolasinac very well and changed tactic to back four to win the game.


According to that reporter from the Mail Wenger is done on the market. That doesn’t surprise me, but it would be very dissapointing if true.


Wenger, the board, contract guy, whoever; shouldn’t have left it this late to to be dealing with cast offs. Maybe this is the result of a knock on effect of his indecision regarding his position at the club this summer?

Sloppy, reeeeeally sloppy.


Really, at least another 2 seasons of this shit, every year the same

are we really not signing a midfielder? a right back? a winger?

oh ffs can it be 2020 already?


A right back?

Hey mate, apart Bellerìn and Chamberlain, we still have Jenkinson, Debuchy and Chambers in the squad. :rofl:


Just wanna say Maxi, love the new avi


they’re all shit


Of course he’s done on the market. This is the guy who famously said bringing in more than two or three players will destabilize the squad.

I’m also not surprised that we’ve found it difficult to get rid of players we don’t want because, presumably, Wenger still has control over outgoings and is probably hesitant to let players like Gibbs or Lucas Perez leave for less than what he believes they are worth.

Signing a striker was important but once we spent the money on a striker, it never looked likely that we’d make another big move. If Madrid or Barcelona have some scrubs that get booted from the club due to other moves maybe Arsene goes for a sneaky bargain. He loves that.


It is frankly barely credible that we have not shipped out the duds, crocks and pensioners

Sooner this old man leaves the club the better for me. We could, and should, be upgrading in most positions

sick of it

I mean even Lacazette is just a rich mans’ Jermaine Defoe, he’s not gonna lead us to anywhere near the title. And look at the state of our defence with Per, Kos and Mustafi absent. Geez


I’m sure, you never watched Lacazette.


It’s intensiey frustrating. Especially since we know, after 300 games, Ramsey isn’t the answer and there is a good chance Sanchez is not going to extend… Anticipate on that by signing a winger now…