Arsène Wenger

I don’t love it, I don’t hate it

I actually remember this game. Dominated Man City from start to finish and somehow the game ended 0-0…


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Nice reminder of how Fabregas was one of the best midfielders the prem has seen. Doesn’t seem to get that recognition but I’ll stand by it.

Ruined it by going to Barca and being a diving twat at Chelsea, but he was an unbelievable player, everything came so easy.

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we have this man to thank for Arteta at Arsenal, doubt he would have even managed us if Wenger didn’t sign him as a player


Yeah the tweet is a bit silly. Nobody ever said we didn’t play nice stuff during that time. It was the fact that we regularly collapsed in crunch situations and always had a soft underbelly coupled with the fact we were mostly behind our rivals in the race for serious titles.

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Peep Wenger(top right). :rofl:

Probably pissed at Simeone still for knocking us out in the EL.

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He’s in the same row as Idris Elba, amazing.


Ok, great, needed confirmation that I wasn’t a lowkey racist who can’t tell one black man from another, cos I was about to post similar :sweat_smile:

That’s not Idris Elba :ozil: :rofl:

George Weah?


Yeah, pretty sure it’s George Weah.

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lowkey racist confirmed


and he allows video game characters to get raped, disgusting man

I was banned for less

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He actually looks like an old Idris :rofl:

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Only a racist would consider that racist, if you took two secs you could see the resemblance nothing racist in it.

Read the post he replied to before jumping down his throat


Low-key racist confirmed, what else did I miss???

It’s a joke mate. He wasn’t seriously calling him a low-key racist


On this forum who knows

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