Arsene Wenger: A Damaged Legacy?


What exactly is his legacy now? I’m fortunate enough to remember AW arriving at Arsenal and the massive difference he made to our club. The fantastic football we played, the titles we won, the way we nurtured players, made them better (and never worried about losing any of them to domestic rivals!) We were classy as fuck and everyone knew it.

Then came the sugar daddies and Arsene began to flounder. Excuse after excuse rolled in but we lapped them up because we owed it to him and trusted his judgement. Once we’d paid off the stadium everything would be fine.

A decade and a half later and it all hangs in tatters. Ok, we recently got a couple of FA cups to prolong our agony/ the inevitable but everything else the club stands for has become a laughing stock. I no longer feel true pride in my club. In fact, when reading the usual shit spouted by the media or rival fans I often find myself nodding in agreement. You can’t dispute the facts, and they point towards us stagnating with no sense of direction or game plan. ‘Do nothing’ seems to be default stance, and when that doesn’t work throw in a few panic buys or bargains to appease the fans. I feel tricked, lied to and utterly dejected.

So, Arsene’s legacy. Yeah, it’s damaged. And this coming from someone who’s peak of football fandom coincided with AW’s arrival at Arsenal. I was there. Chanting his name. Celebrating his magic hat. And of course laughing at Spurs- a lot.

For anyone much younger than me, certainly anyone born in this millennium, other than what was etched into Arsenal folklore, I’m not really sure there was ever really much of a legacy to damage.


I’m hitting 40 and was a Gooner long before Wenger was appointed. I can appreciate all he has done, no denying the first 10 years were great. But just like with the board Wenger seems to have all fans who became supporters during his reign wrapped around his finger.


Goddammit he has actually got me so triggered I’m at @Calum @Luca_from_Italy @Maverick79 levels of rage I just want him to fuck off so bad

I’m raging at the mo, have been since the Bournemouth game (city losing was a brief reprieve)


Join the dark side man :ozil2:


funny thing is that before it was me thinking that wenger needs a chance and used to defend him, but now i cant stand seeing him or his name it feels like torment.