Arsene Wenger: A Damaged Legacy?


And we don’t even play good football any longer!


He created and damaged his own legacy.
Isn’t this a perfect story??


I’ve said it before, he hasn’t damaged his legacy, failure is just a part of it now.


Isn’t that just another way of saying he’s damaged his legacy, Sham? :grimacing:


Complete damaged legacy -

Massively underachieving
Selling our best players to our rivals .
Failure to get contracts signed .
A mountainous list of injuries .
Complete failure to strengthen areas on the pitch that irs clearly obvious.
Arrogant when playing ‘smaller’ teams .
A huge list of unexplainable heavy defeats .
Playing players out of position.
The list goes on and on …
This is The Arsenal , look at the Emirates, and the revenue that is taken on match days , why isn’t Wenger investing it ? The monies there .
Why did we move to the Emirates?
To field a weaken team against Forest in the FA Cup or to compete with Europe’s elite ?
Very damaged legacy .


No. You can’t view it in two parts imo. His legacy is the whole and that whole now includes massive failure and has done for some time.


Which damages the legacy, otherwise it would be a positive legacy, now it’s not - hence it’s damaged.


I think if you were to reevaluate his legacy it wouldn’t be unfair to say:

3 league titles in 21 years is quite frankly not good enough.
0 European titles is quite frankly not good enough given some of the squads he has assembled.
His FA cup record puts him at the top as the greatest manager in the trophies history.

But ultimately, I don’t think it’s unfair to say that he simply never adapted to the different challenges. He came to England and challenged Fergie before eventually falling behind him again. He never managed to get the better of another top manager/club again (in terms of success) and the lack of adaptability must be held against him.

When he arrived he was revolutionary. But he never adapted to the different challenges and ultimately that has to be held against him when assessing him.


If you say so chief.




Damaged and beyond repair.


Another thread dedicated to wenger hate :santi:


Yeah, everyone has forgotten what he has done for us because of the last year. We just want him out.


Or maybe it’s a thread dedicated to discussing the legacy of Wenger?


His legacy is centred around the Emirates Stadium move, designed to cement us among the elite of England and perhaps Europe too.

In the 12 seasons since moving to the stadium we’ve won 0 league titles, managed 2 title challenges, and failed in Europe on every occasion. It’s not worked out as intended due to reasons both inside and outside Wenger’s influence, but the result is most certainly a tarnished legacy.

The extent to which he’s outstayed his welcome is debateable due to the flurry of Fa Cups bringing him a fair amount of respite, many would say he shouldn’t have signed the extension before the previous one


Oh right so as much input as most thread; Wenger equal bad.


That’s it.
You’ve got i.
The equation is in all good science books.


At the minute I am just eh; can’t even enjoy a transfer rumour without hearing wenger bad.
I want my disappointment to hit me, not sucked prematurely.


That’s because transfer rumours and Wenger are normally underwhelming and predictable.

When have we had a great transfer window?


Well we can’t enjoy having any quality players, because with Wenger at the helm you know it matters little as we will still look disjointed and shambolic.