Arsenal's on DKG

Hi all, I’ve been creating a tool called Dynamic Kit Generator (or DKG) which generates kits procedurally for games (only FIFA for now). It still on alpha, so there’s a lot of room for improvements and additions but already features Arsenal.

It’s meant to be used after each career mode’s season to improve the sense the game world is alive and progressing, just like reality.

So if you’re on PC and would like to try DKG, I ask you to visit the current release’s post.

If you curious about the tool, here’s an overview video on the last release (my speaking is bad as my audio, but it should show what DKG is about nonetheless).

Also if you don’t know how to use mods and would like help to get full use of DKG, you can join my Discord server and ask me or other users directly for help.

Ultimately, if you would like to see this project keep going with more clubs, kit suppliers and features, I ask you to consider become my patron. I’ve invested 8 months of work in this tool with almost no support, so it would be great if some people could support my efforts…

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Ok, you can merge the first with this one. I didn’t know that posting 2 threads would be considered spamming. This wasn’t my intention, I’m sorry.

Hello there, I’ve been developing a tool which generates football kits dynamically for PC games(only FIFA for now). One of my ultimate goals is that the kits created by this system can be confused with ones created by kit suppliers’ designers. Considering this, I’ve gathered some symbols and terms to be used within socks and nape area occasionally. I tried my best to find things that in my opinion match Arsenal’s history/identity, but this can be hard to figure it out without being a hardcore fan. Because of this, I decided to create this thread to ask for your opinion on my current symbols’ list, so if you have some addition or change to recommend, I’m all years.

Basically my current list is composed of older badges, nick names, club name and city coat of arms…

You can check the current symbols I have on Arsenal below:

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Comes back after 5 years to plug some font thing no one is interested in :tierney2:


What’s the point of your answer considering I’ve only (and respectfully) asked for something that only real Arsenal fans could answer…

Apparently you’re interested enough to answer and keep “my font thing” on top though. Speaking of that, your denomination about my thread shows that you didn’t actually read it, considering I’ve never mentioned anything on fonts, only about symbols and heraldic linked to Arsenal.

Maybe a soccer ball with a picture of a gun on it.

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So, as Arsenal fans, are we supposed to be pro guns or what?

Well we are the gunners and we are a soccer team so I think that logo makes sense.

Because no one cares about it :poldi:

I don’t play fifa but I could see myself using this is if I did.

I hope you can do this for Football manager would be useful for long saves.

Can you design a tool that generates left flank players please, preferably both LB and LW. Tierney is quite injury prone and we’re in need of some quality in the LW position.


A cannon on each bumcheek too please