“DT is one of the biggest fucking flip flops on Arsenal Fan TV” :laughing:


Sick of Robbie exploiting mentally ill people for money and views now.


Then you should stop watching the news and tv all together


Don’t watch news, only TV I watch is with actors that I’m pretty sure aren’t mentally ill, going missing, being found on bridges, arguing with 12 year olds.



Good man, years ago I voiced my concern for how unstable that Clyde guy seemed. Mind you this is before his disappearing act, cry for help thing. Looks like the AFTV guys just have to keep raising the bar to keep themselves relevant. Turning into Jerry Springer now lol.


Why simon cowell being doing it for years


Robbie, DT and Troopz have hit the mainstream! :joy:


Wow that sounds awful. I imagine it’ll run from April 19th until May and then never run again.


Ah the good old ‘real football fans’


Fair play to AFTV lot, not easy to get a TV spot especially on C4. I would normally expect their USP to be mainly marketable on ITV, C5 or BBC3 tbh

It’ll be interesting to see what format the show takes. I’m expecting crafted ‘moments’ for the sake generating interest


That guy does realise April Fool’s Day only lasts a day, right?


PLEASE let there be a phone-in. :joy:


Think it says more about the quality of programming nowadays :unamused:

I don’t like Sunday supplement/MOTD because I don’t feel as if they bring anything fresh to the game, so I will sure as hell hate this!


Robbie has done very well for himself and others.

Can’t knock the hustle.


Yeah fair play to him. From YouTube to this is quite a leap forward.

I just can’t see how the format can be anything but a shit Soccer AM, which is really saying something nowadays.


When Robbie turns up Chinese national tv discussing the Russia uk tensions


Years of diplomacy outside the Emirates may come in handy in international relations now…


They actually got Jon Cross to replace DT :joy:



4 of my favourite people sat together :heart_eyes:


Finally John Cross not the worst journalist on a panel.


The state of that.