He really does talk out of his arse ffs




Come on he can’t break character now even if his life depends on it.


They are back. I didn’t miss them :xhaka:


Muting this thread. If someone is acting the cunt here will someone send me a PM?



Didn’t DT just say exactly what most people on here will be saying after that game? Rollercoaster game and a great night but we failed to prepare a competitive line up for the opening day yet again. Nothing wrong with being happy about the night but still pointing out the glaring issues.


It’s just the way he says it. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to his performance. Plus the fact that he’s an idiot if he thinks we would have bought another CB.


Ty :see_no_evil: absolute nick of this guy :joy:


Christ! He is always dressed in the same way!





I don’t know if Arsenal Fan TV is for retard or not…
I only know they have hundred thousands of viewing… and they are generating a lot of revenue.


It is for retards and only retards should watch it. With this information, now you should say for sure that you know.






I almost choked to death watching this looool omg


“You wouldn’t last a day in my hood, I lasted thirty years in my hood”

Where’d he grow up, Compton?


'e izzz frum lewisham innit blud, u kno wha i mean fam, from the londun projects innit!


LOL :joy: