Of course you do haha


What I don’t get is…they won. I mean FFS, they should be elated, not angry. It’s what puts their scummy fans and Chelsea’s despicable lot together in their own little “special” place.


It reminds me of Villa Park. You come out of there and the Brum Scum are right on top of you (and not in a good way)


They’re too well run for that and you know it.


It wasn’t that long ago that most Spurs fans were baying for Levy’s blood. I think you’re overstating the case here just a little bit.

Esit: doh, just read that you were specifically replying get to the notion of them facing relegation. Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen lol


You mean deluded attitude.
It’s supporters like him that will tolerate anything that are dragging us down.
How can he possibly think the balance of power hasn’t shifted?


Not saying I agree but it’s more refreshing to hear than the same old stuff from others.



Lol glad we missed CL just to spite these shit heads. Hope Wenger signs on again too so as to compound their misery :joy:


Chris Hudson is on the money.


We all have our own ways of finding some humour in our current situation I guess.


If we win the FA cup I’ll be pretty happy with our season tbh.


Decent points total in 75 and FA Cup is actually an okay season.


Yeah, if we win the FA Cup.


Not even if we win the Fa Cup


Definitely not if we win the FA Cup. (We’re not going to most likely) This club’s status in Europe/ability to compete for major trophies continues to decline…the FA Cup is nice but it would do absolutely nothing to change that, unfortunately. There is no way you should be okay with this season at all, it’s an unequivocal failure, like the last. Each season like this that goes by the days of Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Vieira, etc. become a more distant memory…another 4-5 years of this (and we all know it could take a few years to reverse the damage Wenger has done/will do in the coming seasons) and Henry will look more like Graeme Souness in the Sky Sports booth and less like the novel, but useless pundit he is now, and we will start to sound more like Liverpool fans when we talk about him and the good ol’ days. What I’m saying is, I’m almost 30…I don’t want to be resigned and settled down with a girlfriend, using a Happen account on the side to get a all-too-occasional cheeky fuck in with a naive early 20 yr old by the next time Arsenal are relevant in Europe again. This season is nothing but a step towards that depressing reality.


AbouCuellad :laughing: Girls of Madrid, you have been warned. Beware the cheeky fuck in :grimacing:


Just pontificatising on a potentiality, or modality if you will, of myself and the footballing institution I support that I would like to avoid, inexorable as it may be.


Good the quicker you come down off that high and unrealisitic expectations Arsene gave you once upon a time the better. I think Arsenal will be a lot more fun to support when the club drop all the plastics.


Being a big club in Europe is not at all high and unrealistic expectations for one of the biggest clubs in Europe.