Arsenal Women

Oh god no, I get the injury has cost her time but she’s the :goat:

I feel like Eidevall didn’t get the best out of Miedema even before she got ACL’d. Seems likely that she’ll play for another English team which will be slightly annoying tbh

There’s a few players he’s not playing properly, or formations he could use to get the best out of the team, I just hope Beth’s ok

What an outstanding job the club have done of marketing the women’s team. I listened to Tim Stillman explaining on the Arsecast a while ago how Arsenal get such large crowds on the regular compared to the other WSL teams and it’s brilliant that so much effort has gone in.

Also according to that article Arsenal Women have the 11th highest average attendance of any club, men’s or women’s, in the country. That’s awesome.

I think they’ll be playing all their home games at the Emirates in the foreseeable future.


That’s great news. Ill never make them all but going to consider a season ticket depending on how prices look.

This on the other hand isnt a great look for Jonas.

Is he pushing Miedema there?

Yea its the Everton game just after we’d conceded and he seemingly changed his mind about making a sub. There’s no reason for him to push her like that.

Why did he push her? Do we know?

Seems like he might just be a bit of an arsehole.

Eidevall was apparently going to give Miedema minutes and then changed changed his mind after Everton equalised on 90+5.

I can’t say I’ve ever been his biggest fan but this is an awful look. I fully expect some stuff to come out about his management from Miedema’s side when the dust settles.

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I tell you what though, Eidevall better give Miedema a start on Saturday. Play her 70-80 minutes and then sub her (individually) and let her soak about the adulation. Giving her the send off she deserves

I hope so but given he hasn’t even named her in the squad the last couple games I’m not holding my breath, same with Lotte

Shocking treatment of a club and WSL legend


Should’ve sacked him ages ago, performances been shite he’s lucky our top 2 players got ACL’s n took the pressure off last season.

I think he expected Viv and Leah to come back as quick as Beth, I’m worried for Leah

Leah still not fit?

Have you seen how much strapping she’s had on her knee?

Read the room, Jonas

What a cock.

Even if she’s running on 1 leg you start her for this game ffs

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Sabs starting for her last game but Viv’s not :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and where the hell is Lotte? Is she injured?

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