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It’s a disgrace the way Jonas didn’t run away when Erin ran at him shouting. And look at him offering his hand to Emma Hayes, a disgraceful lack of respect the like of which we’ve never seen before in football.


I’m very pleased she’s going. It’s difficult when your title rivals have a manager you’ve always found to be a deeply unpleasant person. Say what you want about Man City’s off-field scandals, their managers are at least decent human beings.

Chelsea lack of respect and courtesy a thoroughly unpleasant club !?

Wow. So two women behave towards him in ways that could be considered aggressive (to different degrees), and their manager comes out talking about “male aggression”.

Gotta do better than that Emma, even this white knight woke cuck aint buying it :joy:


Seems to me that in the mind of Emma Hayes, simply being a man constitutes “male aggression”.

This coming from the same person who said she felt that women should be coaching in the men’s game, well comments like this are precisely why I’d think that’d be an absolute disaster. While I agree that any qualified person who is good enough should get a shot regardless of sex, how would that look if it was Emma Hayes? Would she be complaining about “male aggression” each passing minute once she entered the men’s game, cause that charade wouldn’t last 90 minutes.

I really wish that comment got the coverage that it should because it’s genuinely bizarre and offensive, here’s a man who has done a good job in the women’s game and has further helped bring more eyes to it and yet one little disagreement and here we have him getting pushed and simultaneously being accused of being the aggressor. If men don’t want to be involved in women’s football they get accused of being sexist, and if they are involved and behave exactly as all managers do they get accused of aggression towards women. Unreal stuff.

If Hayes got a job in mens football she would adapt and we certainly wouldn’t hear this from her. Its the same mentality that had the Porto manager crying. The words aren’t that important, it’s more about deflection than anything else.

I dont really think this is a thing is it? Are you thinking of a specific example?

I’m speaking to the general lack of interest that men tend to have in women’s football and I have often seen people label that lack of interest as evidence of sexism, which I don’t think is fair in most cases. There are various reasons for it, but regardless I can’t see how attitudes like this will help bring a wide range of male viewers into the fold.

Obviously when I say lack of interest, I’m not referring to someone like a Joey Barton for example who is an imbecile that takes it way too far and that is a real example of sexism. The flip side for me though is that when the most well known women’s coach makes a comment like that, it can only hurt the cause of getting men interested because it’s an absurd comment and it’s so unnecessary. There hasn’t been much coverage of it but you can easily find people’s reactions to this comment and it is very off putting for a lot of people.

Ok but are you talking about something you seen written down or a particular pundit or is it some twitter crap. I dont watch or read a ton about womens football but this isn’t something ive aware of as a regularly held opinion out there.

And the same goes for womens tennis, or golf or anything else tbh. People understand and nearly everybody accepts the mens games are the pinnacles of the sport.

It is absurd, she shouldn’t have said it but the only people who hear something like that and then think “oh now I’m definitely not watching womens football” were never going to in the first place.

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With her attitude she’s gonna struggle in the US, can’t see them putting up with it


I see Emma Hayes in her latest presser doing a Limmy and doubling down on the idea that Eidevall was being aggressive.

Absolutely shameless.

The USWNT are in a weird spot. They’re already a target for right-wing maniacs and they also were pretty poor at the last WC and the expectations are still really high, which may or may not be fair.

They maybe in a weird place but here stance on player relationships might bite her in the ass there

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That’s very true. She’s also walking into a situation where some of these players have already won the World Cup. I’m curious to see how she deals with some of the bigger personalities in the pool. Does she exile anyone over 26? Or does she try to work with some of the veterans in the pool on reduced minutes?

I think she’s going to have a fight on her hands, true most international womens team have many players close to retirement but I can’t see the regulars giving up without a fight. I am glad she’s leaving the wsl though