Arsenal Women

She’s done it a few times in this match already and it finally cost her. Open goal for Toone.

She done it again there lol.

She can’t catch the ball to save her life

Stats make for ugly reading so far

Arsenal are losing 3-2 in added time and they were winning 2-1 in the 80th minute lol

Balls :santi:

Utd got good ffs, think they’ll have a wobble and still end up third though.

Hopefully our ladies can put this to the side and get back to winning ways in the CL next week

This is the first womens game I watched this season

United have a great striker we didn’t have one.

Russo is a class player

The week goes from bad to worse


Oh shit

That’s our season in big trouble :frowning:


ACL injuries are becoming quite prominent in the women’s game

You’re certainly not wrong

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That’s insane. Is it a training issue? I used to think that maybe the reason Arsenal were having so many knee injuries was that we were doing something wrong in training. I’m thinking something small, like one innocent looking stupid exercise every morning that wears out your CLs or something. Probably was just bad luck but who knows. No idea why women specifically would train differently either, so.


Foord should have won it at the death.

Only really need a draw next week to progress at least (Zurich a given 3 points), will probably put Juve in third and Lyon one point behind us.

Top spot could come down to that game against Lyon on the 15th.

Would be hilarious to knock them out altogether but might be good if they come through and knock out Barca for us.

I wonder if there’s a discrepancy with the pitches. Are they maintained as well as men’s pitches.