Arsenal - West Brom (Premier League)


Arsenal vs West Bromwich Albion
Mon 26th Dec 15.00
Premier League

Right, time to move on. Our boxing day match is at home against WBA, another must-win game for us after this horror week. Time to get back to winning ways. Can see some changes being made: Holding coming in for Gabriel, possibly a start for Lucas? Why not? I’d definitely start Gibbs at left back.

West Brom are a dangerous side and we will probably struggle for 90 minutes, can see it either being a scored draw or a tight win.

#What will be the outcome?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • WBA win

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2-0 win for the Gooners.


We are gonna shit the bed and struggle. Tight nervous win.


Based on my last two predictions, I’m going for a WBA victory. Somethings got to give.


Theres a horrible cloud hanging around us right now. Wont lose 3 but can see a 1 1 draw.
Cant ruin christmas now though so thats a bonus. Pullis going to love the challenge of this .


Well it is Pulis after all


This is the crazy thing about sports with a definitive schedule like football, that no matter what, the match must go on.

Our season is dead and buried, yet we simply go again come match day.

In any other walk of life or in any non-team sport, the disconsolate nature of the events in the last week would signal time out to get away, settle elsewhere and reflect until the time is right.

The spirit must be at an all time low in that camp right now.


After the trash they’ve served up in the last 2 matches it’s hard to feel optimistic about this one. I’ve gone for a draw, probably 0-0 and I’m predicting a proper awful match!


Gonna watch Chelsea-Bournemouth. Enough of Arsenal these days.


Dunno mate, players seemed in pretty high spirits in that club with the champagne after the Everton loss.


Going for a draw with this one. I think WBA will bully us off the field, I think the stuffing is knocked out of a few of our players really. We are sadly so predictable under Wenger.

The title run is over for us, we need to make sure we keep that “Cup” of top 4 place safe cause Utd are hitting form and one or two others will be on our backs. I’d drop Ozil, he’s been a disgrace. Stick Giroud up front and play Alexis behind him. Drop Xhaka, play Elneny instead. I give Lucas a shot instead of Iwobi. Gibbs too instead of Monreal. But I doubt Wenger will change a thing, he’s stubborn as hell.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we went on a winning run until we face another top team then bottle it again.


Everyone is overreacting to the recent losses like they were over confident going into them. We’ll probably bully our way to a good run in the next 6 (maybe hit 2nd, close the gap on Chelsea to 5-6 pts), then get totally embarrassed again when the tougher fixtures start rolling around.


Now that the pressure is off (we’re out of the title race so there’s no expectation for us to win) the players will come out and give West Brom an absolute spanking.


1-0. Giroud


Totally agree, wouldn’t surprise me if we went undefeated until we face Chelsea away. the Everton defeat didn’t surprise me as Koeman knows Wenger’s game and has outplayed him over the years. The City win did shock me as I thought without some of their better players and their dodgy defence we would blow them away but alas. I expect us to do enough to get top 4. Win one or two big matches and make top 4 safe near the end of the season.


The one thing I can predict is the return of a bit of crowd aggro and general unhappiness, unless we score fairly early and get to half time with a lead. Which we should do, given our record, but if it’s 0-0 at halftime (or we’re losing) I think it’s boo time.

Merry Christmas! :laughing:


Pressure is off now, we’re 9 points back and no longer considered contenders. The players don’t have to worry about what Chelsea is doing anymore. Of course we’ll win.


I usually have a punt on these polls but this time, fuck it. Nuff said.


This isn’t a forgone conclusion even with the pressure off, West Brom have been playing quite well lately and they are pretty solid defensively.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we got just the 1 point.


This is usually the kinda game we’ll bounce back from, though make no mistake, West Brom have had a pretty good season so far, they’ll mostly try to come and pick a draw from here.

Besides, for whatever reason, we have a really strong Boxing Day record. Whether that’s down to the teams we play on this date or the team enjoyed a good Christmas Dinner :santi2:

I’m not expecting it to be pretty, but we need to get things back on track, so I’m going for a 2-0 win.