Arsenal vs Wolves (PL) 2-1

Arsenal vs Wolves

:stadium: Emirates Stadium
:spiral_calendar: Saturday 2023-12-02T15:00:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Wolves win

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Big game for a 3pm kick off.

I worry about Wolves getting a soft decision though. They’ve been utterly shafted week after week with poor decisions. Suffered the most at the hands of Howard Webb’s cabal of cunts.

O’Neil is a likeable manager and his team plays expansive, risky football that is exciting to watch. I rate him, don’t think he gets the credit he deserves at all.

This will be a tough one coming off a midweek CL match.

A nervy 2-1 win.


Is Pedro Neto back for them yet?

I think if they come to play at the Emirates, they will be picked apart and we will win 3-0 relatively easily. if they sit back and defend like most visitors, then it may be the nervy 2-1 you predict

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Arsenal 2-0 Wolves.

Goes without saying but need a win here and we should really be keeping a clean sheet. Wolves and Luton over the space of a few days is a great chance to at least maintain top spot

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I am going for 4-1 to Arsenal

Wolves are the lowest scorers of any top half club apart from Man U so as we’re at home, with the best defensive record in the PL this season, it should be a comfortable 5-4 win for us. :grinning:

I just want it to be comfortable with an early goal or 2. Nice relaxing win on my birthday please!



6-0s are like buses, you wait ages for one then get three in a row.

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I want to see the same 11 and see how we play against low block teams.


Im extremely worried about this game. Think we will loose 4-0. Adama Traore hattrick and Jimenez to seal the deal. Arteta Out and that.

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And then we get awarded the 3 points as a penalty for Wolves fielding a Fulham player

is it a joke or something?

We worry of Wolves at home?


Here’s a video of Bendtner scoring the winner for us, years ago.



Happy birthday @k1tsun3


Happy birthday, @k1tsun3

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