Arsenal Vs Wolverhampton (PL)


Or better still, they could have scheduled Liverpool v Fulham for today and put us on at 12pm


Looking forward to the Frimpong derby today.

You know, for a professional footballer, Frimpong hasn’t played much football


What’s the Frimpong derby?


He’s the only player I could think of who has played for both teams :hear_no_evil:


Ahhh, I see.

In that case I’d probably go for either Luzhny or Aliadiere :smile:


Let’s win it. C’mon Arsenal!


Bob McNab as well.
I only know this because he was one of my favourite players.


Alan Sunderland did as well.


Club photographer accidentally leaked the team on his insta story… :joy:





What does this mean haha


That the clown is still starting.


Ahaha I get it now. He was decent against Liverpool tbf. Let’s see if he can keep it up


Love the retro programme, one to keep for the supporters.

Iwobi instead of Mkhi and the line up would’ve been perfect imo.


We should win this because although we have drawn a few recently Wolves have lost their last three PL matches.
I’ll go 3-1 to us.
Lacazette, Aubameyang and Mustafi to score.




Yes!! Iwobi starting much better. Wonder what changed haha


C’mon Arsenal!


Be interesting to see how they lineup.


Is there an MDC?