Arsenal vs West Ham United (PL) 3-1

Looking forward to our foreign fans who can’t stand England or English supporters to get back to supporting their club, English team Arsenal.

Be weird for some of them supporting a team over a player.

It reminds me of that time you cheered against England and then went back to wanting English team Arsenal to do well :smiley:

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Getting flashbacks of the silly arguments from last year during the Euros.

You honestly don’t have to to support England if you support Arsenal.

Arsenal is much more than just an English club nowadays. It’s an elite global entity that has a massive reach all over the world.
There have been plenty of foreigners that came to the club and added to its own history, the league’s as well as the sport as a whole.
We’ve had multiple foreigners represent the club at the World Cup.

Not sure anyone was actively rooting against the Arsenal Englishmen in the tournament. Saka got plenty of love from all of us. White and Ramsdale didn’t feature. I assume you would’ve seen more people rooting for England if that wasn’t the case.


Not this one.

You wouldn’t root for England if our boys were all starting?

That’s never likely to happen is it. In general no I don’t care how many play. Not representing Arsenal are they.

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Can’t wait. COYG.


Only if Arsenal gets rid of all the non English players…Arsexit

What is the latest on Saka and Martinelli? Are they in training? Are they in contention to start/feature on Monday?

You’d like to think so, didn’t Bruno start for Newcastle this morning ? Brazil made the quarter finals.

He did, he played for 88 minutes. I think he played about the same amount of minutes as Martinelli did.

Haven’t read anything about him and Saka being back in training though. May have missed that.

Apparently this is the team and subs we used in the behind closed doors friendly against Luton Town today.

Arsenal: Ramsdale (Turner), White (Sousa), Holding, Gabriel (Foran), Cedric, Partey (Sambi), Xhaka (Elneny), Ødegaard (Cozier-Duberry), Saka (Viera), Martinelli (Marquinhos), Nketiah (Cirjan).

Good news is that Saka and Martinelli started this match and therefore seem likely to start against West Ham.

Bad news is that Tomiyasu, Zinchenko, and (more surprisingly) Tierney nowhere to be seen…

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We need Tomiyasu and one of those two LB or it’s hello to Holding and Cedric on Boxing Day :pensive:

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Tierney played against Juve on Saturday didn’t he?

What is going on with our fullbacks?!

I suppose we kind of know Tierney and Tomiyasu are crocks, Zinchenko seems to be also, generally you’d just settle for having 2 of the 3 available at any one time.

They were just rested I read earlier

Found it

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Haha love it

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Can’t believe all our crock fullbacks managed to be unfit for our last friendly that we had to use Cedric there who’s the likeliest one to leave this window.

Fucking hell lads. Zinchenko is slowly becoming a flop with his unavailability so far. I genuinely hate these random niggles that get swept under the carpet, a bit like ESR last season. Zinchenko has been even worse with those so far.

Really don’t like the feeling ahead of West Ham. Jesus out, Zinchenko out and Saliba is 50/50.
These are the 3 players that came in this summer btw. I really hope the rest can handle the load.
Eddie I think he’ll manage, Tierney is a mystery nowadays, Holding at the back frightens me though. He’s been terrible since that Spurs match last season.