Arsenal vs West Ham United (PL) 3-1

Monday 26th December
The Emirates Stadium
Live on Amazon Prime video

The world cup is over.

Is everyone ready to go again? :red_circle::white_circle:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • West Ham win

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6-0 Arsenal.


Just incase you forgot also:


Fuck yeah been looking forward to some actual real football.


From Mbappe and Messi to Eddie NKETIAH…

Hopefully we get the 3 points.


Anyone guessing the team? :rofl:

Will Saliba be in the team? Hopefully he should. He’s effectively been on holiday for a month lol


Get some wins and some reinforcements in quickly.

Let’s go Arsenal


Are we playing another friendly before this?

Hopefully Saliba is back or we are a Tomiyasu soft tissue complaint away from Rob Holding starting a premier league match.

I feel like its a given that Holding starts this match and just hope its the only one.

Saliba will likely be given the same break as Saka and Martinelli, even if he didn’t play much in the WC.

Tomiyasu I can’t see being thrown in for 90 minutes given he didn’t feature in any of the friendlies.

I think its Tierney–Gabriel–Holding–White and pray Cedric isn’t needed.

I’ll say score draw if Holding starts.

Don’t rate Rob Holding but he did score the winner vs West Ham in an away game win
last season . Should fine since this is a home game.

Rob Holding playing premier league games is so 20/21 season. I don’t need to see it please :pray:

Main problem is Saka and Martinelli will most likely have to come off the bench. But that would mean Marquinhos would have to start a league game :laughing:

He is rubbish can always haul him off at half time :joy:. We should be beating West Ham who are 16th place anyways

We should be at home.

After Just over 6 weeks off though we might see some strange results who knows, I also do believe West Ham are more a mid table side on ability as opposed to 16th…


Fair enough. I think we will win comfortably. More worried about the Brighton game away. Glad and can’t wait to see the Arsenal back in 8 days.


I know they’ve been shite this season but let’s not forget they have a good team. Above all, it’s the PL, there is no easy game.

Less changes we make to our best XI the better. Ideally only change is Eddie coming in for Jesus.


You are most likely right .Arteta would probably have both be coming straight back into the team. I’m probably overdoing and overthinking here

Gabi barely played at the World Cup and Saka will have had plenty of rest before West Ham

I think the only doubt as things stand is Saliba, mainly because he reached the final and could take some days off.
Would love for him to pull a Ramsdale though and want to rejoin the team immediately.