Arsenal vs West Ham (PL)

We actually have a match tomorrow against West Ham in the PL at 3pm.


4-0. Aubameyang hat-trick and Bellerin wonder goal.

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David Moyes masterclass #ArtetaOut

Fucking hell. Is this the latest that a PL matchday thread has ever been created?

Encapsulates the apathy surrounding this football club atm. Yikes.


Should win this comfortably i feel something like 4-1

We’d better win as I’m going.

I swore I wouldn’t attend again this season after the Southampton draw where we were outplayed but I’m a sucker and couldn’t resist.

I think we’ll win by a goal but Arteta should hang his head in shame if we don’t.

I hope Lacazette doesn’t have another turd game missing his chances again


rare 3PM Saturday Kick off

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Most people probably thought it was on Sunday like 99% of our other PL games

Brilliant, time for the frauds to start and ruin yet another day I have planned.

No poll either. Guess I’ll lay it out:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • West Ham win

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No sol this is what happens when I don’t make the match thread :joy::joy:


I once had to open Matchday Chat (fuck that feels old now) but there wasn’t a match thread yet lol, like 5 minuten before kick-off.

Think it was when we were out of all cups and just playing for top four. Nobody cared.

Matchday chat completely derailed, talking about the most random things ever.


We should win this easily so I’ll go for 2-2, with Aubameyang and Sokratis to score.

Mustafi to score the winning goal

But for which team? :wink:


The good old days :santi:


Ah, groundhog day


Sing the #oh north London…is wonderful# song :blush:

I agonised over whether to hit draw or win for Arsenal. Logically (I think), its got to be an Arsenal win predicted as West Ham are also shite and definitely more shite than we are. But I’m pessimistic as fuck so…

Then I tapped “show results” and saw that not a single person had voted draw, and that swung it.

All we do is fucking draw, someone had to vote for it ffs

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