Arsenal vs West Ham (PL) 0-2

Arsenal vs West Ham

:stadium: Emirates Stadium
:calendar: Thursday 2023-12-28T20:15:00Z
:soccer: Premier League
:tv: Amazon Prime


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • West Ham win

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No Havertz for this one. Does Jorginho take his place?

Trossard or Smith

Give Smith Rowe a start.

I don’t have much faith in him personally but we’ll need him or Vieira eventually this season so you might as well give him a chance now and hopefully let him build his confidence.

Hopefully ESR or Jorgi. Rice would move to 8 in the latter and Jorgi at the base, but then I think West Ham have too much pace and power for him (Jorgi).

Not Trossard at 8 that’s for sure, plz.

Final game of the game week, so likely we won’t be top at kick off. Should be motivation enough.

West Ham need putting back in their box. 3-0.

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Havertz missing is a blow. We can’t start ESR. The guy doesn’t have 90 minutes in him over the rest of the season let alone in one game.

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Yeah I think people need to get over him now. He’s just not going to happen.

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60 will do

Is Fabio still injured? I feel like his suspension must be over now?

back in mid jan

Think we’ll have a routine 2-0, negative Moyes ball won’t hold out for 90 minutes at the emirates, just need to be patient and we’ll wear them down.


Between now and April maybe.

Must-win game. The whole top 5 will be rearranged based on the results between now and then.

I’d do what never happens - put Zinny in midfield and play Kiwior at left back.

Just realised that Man City are not even in top 4 :face_holding_back_tears:

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They’ll correct that. They only have the blue scouse bastards next.

Just realised we’re not playing on Boxing Day, blast.

Yeah I’ve just realised this too. Load of shite that, have to wait until Thursday, wtf is that all about. I love the congested Christmas period, those overplayed cunts get to actually warm their coin and we get loads of football.

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