Arsenal vs Vitoria (UEL)

Arsenal v Vitoria

Thursday Oct 24 - 20:00
Emirates Stadium
UEFA Europa League

We’ll probably be amazing again with Tierney and Bellerin dominating the flanks. 3-0 Arsenal.



  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Vitoria win

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I’m really not watching this one. Booking cinema tickets later.


2 0 with hopefully a bit of style. Give Ozil game and upset his plans for the night.

Emery to play our best team here and go back to his all defensive formation on Sunday again

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Wasn’t there a rumor going around that Freddie was calling the shots during Europa League games, and I actually think I’m starting more to believe that. We’re so free flowing and great to watch, no way that’s Emery influence. Not buying it.

We’ll win this comfortable as none of the sides in the group are that much cop. We come crashing down to earth again on Sunday.

Arsenal 3-1 win.

90 minutes for Holding, Bellerin, Tierney, Martinelli at least. Must be nearing league match sharpness / fitness now

Arsenal to win rather comfortably. I’ll say 3-0 for the typical Emery stat pad in the Europa League group stage.

Do you not think that would be a dangerous thing to do by Emery if true. Think it’s a rumour started in the fanbase some are choosing to believe tbh.

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Not watching this one. Gonna take a break from watching this pile of shite team untill we start playing decent ball again.

We will probably play decent ball against these

Not going to stay up till 3 in the morning to watch this garbage knowing fully well that this lot will capitulate as soon as the going gets tough in the knockout round

What’s your logic for watching any Premier League game then? You know Arsenal are finishing 5th or 6th at the end of it all, small-ish chance of 4th.

I don’t see how the Europa has any more inherent predictability to the overall outcome.

Plus you get to see the new boys in action and we usually score a few goals.

Don’t be shy to admit the truth, games like Arsenal vs Vitoria and Arsenal vs Qarabag etc are just more funner and interesting than our domestic league campaign :sunglasses::+1:

Plus you know it’s kinda nice being flat track bullies.

Old uni friend of mine had a ticket for this, so I’ll be there!

Can’t wait, never been to a European game at the Emirates!

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At least when we lose, I’ll only be grumpy at work, not grumpy and sleepy.
I try to watch all games whatever time they are with midweek games usually starting after midnight, but now I just can’t be arsed anymore. There is so much predictability and apathy that has set in, especially after a performances like yesterday that I just dont feel it’s worth staying up. I’ll still watch the PL games more out of habit than anything, but something drastically needs to change on the pitch for me to be excited enough to waste another night’s sleep.


People who support arsenal from another time zone are in the nicest possible way absolute nutters haha. No chance am I getting up very early or staying up very late to watch a football match!


Definitely stupid if true, shows he’s not in control. But it’s looking more likely for me.

Lucky you said in the nicest possible way mate.

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Mate you had Billy Slater on your doorstep for a decade and chose this dross. WHY.

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I can’t explain the difference in Europe but I can say with certainty that it’s not because we have a different manager during those games.