Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)

Premier League Match 6
Sunday 26th September 2021
Kick off time - 16:30
The Emirates Stadium
:tv: Sky Sports

Get into these cunts! COYG :red_circle::red_circle:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • The bad thing happens

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Got to beat these c@nts !?


This will be our easiest game of the season. 3-0.


September 2019.

Just over two years since we last played the NLD at a full capacity Emirates

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Think our camp will be the more happy about this game now.
More questions on them and Nuno going into this game and Spurs really don’t do confidence challenges.
Arsenal 2 0 with a strong performance from Partey.


My flight departs fifteen minutes before kick-off :bellcry: so I’ll miss this game completely.

Please beat these cunts.

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Xhaka will undoubtedly come straight back into the team.

Usually after he does a huge fuck up, he goes through a patch of not doing huge fuck ups. Until of course he does a huge fuck up again. But we should hopefully be clear of huge fuck ups for this game.


Deep fried spuds is the only outcome of this match. Auba hattrick.


6-0 Arsenal. Fuck spurs.


Arsenal to edge it 2-1.

They’re just as crap as us, if not worse. We should be aiming to win this.


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4-1 win to Arsenal, with a Xhaka screamer

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Trap game, Spurs coming off a loss and will turn up big time for the NLD.

Surprise people are so confident with Arsenal’s limp dick attack



Statement win. I’m going for it


We need to win. We better win. If we don’t it’ll be an even longer journey home for me. Damn trains aren’t running for me and have to go a round about way to get there, just over 2 hours. So the boys better show up and kick some ass.


What we can establish from this season is:
If we play non PL teams, we win by several goals.
If we play teams at the bottom of the PL, we win by one goal.
If we play any other PL teams, we lose.

But spurs are in worse form than us so I think we’ll get our first draw.
I’ll go 2-2 with Aubameyang and Pepe to score.

Spurs are seriously shit right now. I think we will run the game and it will just come down to whether our attackers can actually step up in some key moments. It’ll be a game where we have 5 really good chances to score and they have 1-2 and if our attackers step up we’ll win comfortable 3-1 but if they play like they did against Burnley then it’ll be 1-1 or 0-1 after Son or Kane buries the one chance they get.

Optimistically going to say 3-1.



Tbh I never read too much into form whenever we play Spurs. Their past few defeats and our poor start to the season means nothing in the grand scheme of things

I’m certainly not confident that we’re good enough to outplay them over 90 minutes, but hope we do show enough quality to snatch a win!

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