Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


We won it fair and square. Refereeing decisions are part of the uncertainty of football, unless the referee was deliberately biased against one team, which wasn’t the case. We were 2 goals up inside 40 minutes I think. Spurs had more than enough time to make a game of it. Their much vaunted attacking trio failed and their even more vaunted defence FAILED. Of course, you expect some of their fans to cry over a few iffy decisions by the referee. The point is, if they were as good as the media, the pundits and their own fans would have you believe, they should have won in spite of those refereeing decisions. We put in a proper team performance and deserved the win. I couldn’t care less what some pundits or the scums fans want to believe.


For sure. Everyone expected us to lose so they are raging.


Carra laying the smackdown to Spurs and the gutter press.


It’s 100% true though. I praise Spurs for what they’ve done as a smaller club with smaller budgets and smaller expectations but they’re always going to be that club until they keep it going for a long time and without a title the best they can be is 90s Newcastle.

They’ve had 2 good seasons by their standards (including the massive bottle job vs Leicester and us, if we’d done that and finished behind them that year Wenger would be getting the Mario101 treatment) but there’s no way a club like that has it in them to have 5 or 6 consecutive good seasons and as soon as Poch has a wobble and they’re 6th it’ll be “he’s taken us as far as he can”.

So I say bring it on. Let the delusion flow because it’ll be that kind of delusion that they’re a top club that’ll have them sacking their manager as soon as they stop competing and have them dreaming of Simeone and Allegri and it’ll be that kind of delusion that has them baffled and triggered that Harry Kane could somehow be leaving to join a bigger club.


But he still says they will finish above us :man_facepalming:t5:


Carragher actually speaks a lot of sense to be honest. He rarely conforms to the tedious stereotypes that we have in British football (look no further than Merson and Hoddle)


Yeah Carragher and Gary Neville are much more likable as pundits than players :grin:

They come across as astute and insightful, and their analysis is usually top notch. Unlike other pundits, they actually do their homework. I get the sense that they became pundits because they love the game, they love to talk about football. Whereas for the likes of Merson, I feel like it’s nothing more than a pay packet.


Well-said Jamie! Alli can afford an “off day”, while Mesut not. Some xenophobia going on here.


ahem. :wink: