Arsenal Vs Tottenham Hotspur (PL)

12:00 KO

Massive massive game c’mon boys we haven’t beat them in the league for two seasons. End this!!

Arsenal 2 Tottenham 0 COYG!!![poll public=true]

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  • Draw
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12pm KO? Damn that’s an early one. Must be a lot of games scheduled that day. We are well overdue beating these fuckers. Would be great to win and end their unbeaten start to the season.

The key to the match is making sure we keep things tight at the back. If we can manage that, then we won’t need to rely on scoring as much, as they have the tighest defense in the League with just 5 goals conceded.

Really hope the likes of Walcott and Santi are back for this. Theo in particular will make a big difference for this one with his pace.

I think we can sneak this, 2-1 win.

Going to be such a good game, it’s the strongest both teams have been in a long while. Hopefully the players get what’s at stake.

If you want to have top 2 you’re going to have to win these home games. Otherwise it’s 3rd/4th again. But Spurs are very hard to beat…

I’m guessing for this match, people would prefer we start with Iwobi/Alexis/Walcott as our main attacking force and put Giroud back on the bench?


Yep. And Xahka on the bench too and he can come on if we need someone ti give harry Kane a boot up the hole.


If Rambo and Giroud start I might actually throw up.


Bellerin Mustafi Kos Monreal
Coquelin Cazorla
Theo Ozil Iwobi

I want to see us play this team until it stops working and showing the potential it so far has done.


Our best team not only at the moment but probably in fucking years. Xhaka in for Coq is probably the only offset for purists but Coq is in fine fighting form so I don’t even see it as a huge loss with him suspended.

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I agree, but Monreal, Bellerin, Santi and Theo are all injured aren’t they? Or is there a chance they’ll all be back on Sunday?

They’ve all had ‘little knocks’.

I’m not convinced by Alexis at CF as an undisputed option. This should be a good test for him against some quality well drilled and organised opposition.

Was going to post this line up but you have done it for me. If we go in with that 11 I think it may just be enough to squeak a 2-1 victory.

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I just hope Theo and Cazorla will be back. I can deal with Gibbs on the left, since he scored against them cunts last season too :slight_smile:

Need Santi back for this one. It’s a must. Hopefully they are still missing Kane, as Janssen is fucking shit.

This is the most overused line in football lol

There is literally no game that goes by that I don’t read or hear someone say we have to win this type of game if we want to be in the mix for the title.

It’s just not true lol.

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You have to in this type of game because they are a bunch of scurvy ridden, badger mongering cunt bags.


They are the only undefeteaded team in the PL, with the best defensive record, and have only let in one goal, from open play this season, so we have to beat them.
The pressure is on us more than them so whoever plays upfront is going to have to be at the top of their game.

If they have Kane back I can see this being a draw.

No but we have to get around 85 points to be in the mix for the Title so lets just leave it at that.

Why not? Accumulating most of the point against the numbers 7-20 only gets you so far. 13-14 is probably a good example of that. At some point we need to get more points against top six teams. I think we have been consistent against top six in the past three years ('13 - '16), 11 or 12 out of 30 possible points every year, but to get to the next level we need to get more.