Arsenal vs Sheffield United (PL) 5-0

It was clear as hell

They sure took long enough like they were trying not to award it.


Vieira to take


They were trying their hardest to not give it lol

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And Fabio get a goal!

So wanted a Havertz goal there so that song would ring out around the Emirates.

Good on Eddie giving it to Vieira.


stat padding for fun!!


From my tv replay angle, the ref might have just been verifying it was in the box. It was close and hard to tell in real time.

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Need another goal or two

Fabio! Like seeing him getting the pen given that he was the one who won it

Elneny on please

ELNENY haven’t seen this MF for years

Knew it was a penalty on first viewing. Did they really need to take that long to check it?

Simple pens are my kind of pens

Good to see Mo get a run out even if just for a few minutes!

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Holy fuck we nearly went into Sunday the time it took these cunts to give the penalty.

How many times do you need to watch a replay lol absolute clowns

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Fabio is expecting a baby :pregnant_person: