Arsenal vs Sevilla (CL) 2-0

Trossard needs to learn to bring the ball down, twice now it’s landed to him when we’ve cleared a set piece and he’s randomly hooked it forward (back to Sevilla both time) despite having loads of time and space.

Havertz hasn’t fucked up the flow tonight. He’s very much in the flow of the attack. Good to see


Weird to watch a game with vaguely normal officiating.

I have no idea why I feared this game, Sevilla are wank. Cruise control.

Sevilla beginning to finally have a go. Let’s get another goal please.


Is it off?

We’ve wasted so many chances, we’re now completely spent. Should’ve tried to get a 2nd. Gonna have to try maintain a slow burn for 30 mins now


Definitely on


Good counter

Good ball from Gabi. Class by Saka :clap:

Good throw routine that


How thick can you be to not show Saka down the line :joy::joy:


Lool just as I spoke. Fantastic goal and assist. 100% on.

I thought the same, surely you just commit and force him on his right :joy:

Remember when Coquelin dared Robben to shoot with his left and then he promptly put it top bins from 25 yards lol

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Really think this is the game Havertz scores

Saliba is so sly