Arsenal vs Sevilla (CL) 2-0

We’re begging for a #9

These fullbacks are getting bullieddddd

If Martinelli could cross…

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Chambers vs Montero vibes

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For once we are using the left side this season


Perfect move

TROSSARD :heart:

Fuckkkk that pass to Saka has me erect

Great ball by Jorg :clap:

Great ball by Jorginho

What a pass by Jorginho

Jorgy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Someone check on @Joshua

Jorginho with tha sauce!

Will the real deep lying playmakers please stand up? :jorginho:

What’s not to like about Trossard as CF.
I don’t wanna see Eddie as second choice

Well worked! Keep this up. We need a decisive win today.

If we can somehow help Havertz score that would be great

Martinelli is having his way with that right back