Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


We’d be better off if he did




There is a red card in this game


XKaka with the cheeky knee to the back of the thigh.


Laca must chill the fuck down.


Grenier booked!


Laca, you literally just came back, keep your head in this game.


This is a pathetic performance from everybody involved


This game is so frustrating to watch with the stupid stoppages every 5 seconds


Take Laca off and put Mikki on


Can the Arsenal from the 1st 20mins show themselves again?


Rennes are such a bunch of diving cunts. Trying their utmost to get a player sent off, absolute wankers just play cuntos


Why did this game become so dirty :joy:


Desperately need that third goal


Keep your calm boys, they are starting to get desperate


They are so open at the back, we have to score before they do


Özil off for Mkhitaryan maybe?


Ozil does something class, then fucks it up


Another Ozil 2/10 masterclass


We haven’t made a meaningful attack all half