Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


Rennes are leaving so many gaps. We could easily score a couple more, especially now these diving fucking cunts have to score a goal.


Ideal wind conditions for the second half! :ok_hand:


Why do you hate Luca so much?

I get the Kloop reference -_-


Another one not getting the British humour :grimacing:


are you kloppo in disguise?


Maybeeee :henry2:


You have humor?


So do we look like getting a 3rd ? Do they look like they have a goal in them ?


This mate. It’s been a even game since the 20th min


No but Mustafi


Mustafi is playing, they can not go out on the pitch for the 2nd half and still look like scoring.


We need to show a killer instinct in the 2nd half, it’s one thing that’s been incredibly lacking this season.


AMN looking good this match. Involved in the first, scores the second.


Horsey McHorseface? WTF was the commercial about?


Defensively he’s been quite promising also


Cheltenham festival :horse_racing:


Not home and dry yet. Work to do second half.


Alright my guys, time to kill them off.


FUCK ME, the post. Get a FUCKING GRIP.